The Bahay Pag-Ibig is a home for an average of 70 elderly Filipinos forgotten by their families and their own children.  It was founded over twenty years by Father "Boyet" Conception.  It is now run by Father Edgar L. Panlilio and his assistant Ms. Laura S. Simbulan.  The staff of 15 volunteers feed and care for the residents and keep the place amazingly clean. The Bahay Pag-Ibig is a non-profit, non-government, and non-political institution.  They take care of the residents using only charitable donations. 

I have visited numerous charitable organizations around Angeles over the last 17 years and IMO some of them are actually over funded.  That isn't the case at the Bahay Pag-Ibig. These residents have so little and they are so grateful for every visitor.  This has become the main charity that Margarita Station has supported for the past few years.  The daily meal for the residents here is usually rice or noodles with crackers.  So, we have our cooks prepare a variety of dishes with an emphasis on plenty of tender meats.  Since early 2009 the Orchid Inn Group has joined us in preparing these meals. 

Over time we have learned some lessons: (1) Don't show up without the fried bananas! They like to keep these for a snack later, so we take plenty. And we take small paper bags for the extras because they stick them in their pockets. (2) Don't make the first portion too big as they all eat everything on their plates. We always have plenty for second helpings.  (3) They want rice with every meal. The time we did the hotdogs with baked macaroni they all said "no rice today?"  The other comment that day was "American food."  (4) No sweet deserts because a number are diabetic. (5) They like to have an afternoon snack ("Merienda") about 2 pm. This is an excellent time for fresh fruit or ice cream!


Every visit to the Bahay Pag-Ibig is a rewarding experience. We never have a shortage of volunteers. 

Want to help us help the residents at Bahay Pag-Ibig? 
  • If you give us a couple of days notice, we can set up a visit for the 2 pm Merienda.  You buy the fruit or ice cream (usually around P 1000) and we will provide the transportation for you and a few of our staff and we'll have the kitchen prepare the fruit.
  • Bring in used (or new) clothes that we can distribute.  Keep it simple, the guys all wear t-shirts and shorts and the size must be small or medium.  We occasionally get clothing that wouldn't be used by the residents here. It doesn't go to waste, we store that until there is a typhoon or other natural disaster. We then distribute this clothing and other items to victims that have little to nothing,
  • You can buy a roll of material and we will have dresses made for the lolas.
  • You can purchase anything on their list of needed items and we will deliver these items and send you photos of the delivery.