Airport Pick-ups NAIA (Manila)

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Our charge is per-vehicle, not per-passenger

List of Holidays (higher charge)  

If you are booking transportation for the first time, we recommend you review the information below.


margarita station transportation Information:

  1. All our vehicles are based in Angeles City. 

    • This make it easy for us to arrange for your friends in Angeles to ride with our driver to meet you - at no extra charge.

  2. Our drivers will meet any commercial flight, or can pick you up at any location in Manila (and most locations on Luzon) 24 hours-a-day.

  3. NAIA Arrival Information

  4. Short notice pickups (less than 36 hours before your arrival time)


  6. PAYING:  You do not need to get any Pisos in the airport as the rate is usually quite a bit lower than outside. If you need something on the way, the driver will have enough pisos for a snack or whatever (just tell him you will pay him back when you get to Angeles, or he may forget he has money in his pocket!!).

  7. BEVERAGES: Our vehicles always have a cooler stocked with your choice of drinks.  Current drink rates are:

Mineral Water, 500 ml  P20
Bottled Sodas  P20
Canned Sodas P35
San Miguel Beer (SMB) P35
San Miguel Light (SML P40


If you forgot to specify your choice of drinks, or if the driver does not have the drinks you requested, just ask him to stop in Manila and pick them up.   He will purchase them and even if they cost more, you will be billed only at the rate above.




What are the advantages of using your service over getting a taxi at the airport.
  1. We closely monitor the drivers schedules so they are well rested for the grueling trip from Angeles to Manila and back to Angeles (usually 5-8 hours for a round trip).  

  2. If your flight is delayed, our drivers will wait for your arrival.  Delays of up to 4 hours are no extra charge.

  3. You can arrange for your wife or girlfriend to ride to Manila with our driver for no additional fee. No other transport service offers this option.

  4. Additionally, if you accidentally leave something in the vehicle it will be returned to you.  If you leave your passport, plane ticket or other items in a taxi, consider it LOST.

  5. Beverage service (see above).

  6. Well maintained vehicles with good air conditioners.

What if my flight is delayed? Once at the airport, the drivers monitor the flight status on the airport monitors so they will know if your flight has been delayed. They will wait as long as required (same day) for delayed flights. Waits up to 4 hours are no extra charge. Longer than a 4 hour delay may incur slight extra charge ($2-5).   Before the driver leaves the airport, they are required to contact our office so we can arrange alternate transportation.
What if I have problems with the driver or the service. Your driver should give you a feedback form. The form is good for a free local drink, so if the driver doesn't give you one, visit Margarita Station and talk to Rica so we can identify the driver and correct that problem.  Write down any problem you had with the driver, the vehicle, the beverage service, etc and bring the form in to a manager at Margarita Station.  Or, come in between 9 & 5 and ask to talk to Rica or Aida.  If we know about a problem right away, we can take corrective action to prevent others from getting a driver with an attitude or a vehicle with a bum air-conditioner.

If you have additional questions contact our office at or 

We have been coordinating airport pick-ups since 1992.  We have a very good staff,  good drivers, & reliable vehicles.  So if we confirm your pick-up, we will be there.  

Occasionally, individuals book a vehicle and then walk outside the airport and barter with a taxi instead of following the instructions for meeting their driver.   

If you make a reservation and we send  a vehicle to the airport, we will hold you liable to reimburse us for the costs we incur.