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Angeles City Tourist Information

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UPDATED Dec 2018

Margarita Station is accredited by the Department of Tourism. 

Due to the numerous questions received in the past, we have compiled this tourist information for individuals planning to travel to Angeles in the near future.  We hope this answers any questions you may have about a trip to Angeles City. This page is reviewed every 30-45 days, but it is only  updated when something significant changes.   If you have any questions not answered here, just send us an email at Theville.mgr@gmail.com  


Getting There


Flights into Clark (Angeles City)

Numerous airlines now service Clark from international and domestic locations.  Click here for the current schedule

Space Available Military Air:

Currently Space Air flights are not available.  The US is negotiating with the Philippine government to reinstate Space A.


Angeles City is about a two hour ride (80 kilometers) north of Nino Aquino International Airport in Manila. Once you go through the toll gates it is about a 50 minute ride to Angeles.  During bad weather and when traffic in Manila is rerouted, the trip can take 2-3+ hours

Private Car

Margarita Station is now using a Toyota Innova for airport pickups. This is a mini-van. It seats up to 3 passengers with luggage.  This Innova has a CD player so you can bring your favorite music on a CD.  We also have a variety of vans, mini-vans and cars available through contractors.

The cost for a airport pick-up are on our PICKUP page.  For more detailed information about our airport pick-up service, please see our AIRPORT PICK UP PAGE. You can email your reservations for an airport pick-up by using the form available on the airport pick up page, or contact our reservations department at  theville.angeles@gmail.com or  reservations@theville.com  

Rental Car

Avis and several other car rental agencies have cars available at the airport for approximately $80-130 per day. I strongly recommend against the use of a rental car if you are unfamiliar with driving in the Philippines. If you select this option, your home country license is good for 90 days, but you are better off to get a International Drivers License before you leave home. In the USA you can get them from AAA. Some agencies offer rental cars with a driver for an additional fee (usually P 800-1000 per day).


The taxi's outside the arrival area of the Manila airport are notorious for high prices and not using their meters. If you elect to take a taxi into Manila, or direct to Angeles, I recommend exiting the terminal building and climbing the stairs (one level) to the departure entrance. The taxi's in this area are ones passengers took to the airport (vs. the "airport taxis" downstairs). In the departure area you should be able to get a taxi to go downtown that will use his meter.  A taxi to almost anywhere in Manila should be less than P150 (about $2.90). A taxi from the airport to Angeles will be between P1900 and P3000. The driver probably won't start his meter as at this price he isn't telling the owner of the taxi that he made the trip. I do not recommend taking a taxi to Angeles if: a) you are alone, b) you have never been to the Philippines before, or c) at night.

  WARNING: Never get in a taxi that has anyone in it other than the driver.   




Genesis Bus   Genesis Bus now operates a direct Point-to-Point service from Terminal 3 at NAIA (Manila International Airport) to SM Clark (Angeles City), and Clark Airport.  MORE DETAILS (Schedule and prices)

Southern Cross Shuttle   The Southern Cross Shuttle now provides daily bus service between Angeles & Manila and Angeles & Subic. 

Fly the Bus There is a non-stop bus service between Manila & Angeles called Fly The Bus.   Very little feedback on this service in recent years.

Air Con Tourist Bus  The major bus companies have several busses to Angeles every thirty minutes to one hour, 24-hours a day. The two best busses are the Rabbit Bus or the Victory Liner. Simply take a taxi to the proper terminal and when you purchase a ticket, the agent will tell you which bus to board. Cost is approximately $2.50 (in pisos).  **BEWARE that every year several of these busses are subject to armed robberies.  Is it really worth saving a few dollars to take a chance??



Exchange Rate

For the last few months the piso has has been rising.  Current exchange rates are on the top right side of our update page.   Most major currencies can be changed at money changers throughout Angeles City. Margarita Station currently changes US$, Aust $, British Pounds, and Yen and American Express Travelers Checks.

Travelers Checks

Virtually nobody is accepting travelers checks in Angeles City any more due to bad rules from Philippine banks. I do not recommend you rely on them.

Cash Advances on Credit Cards/ATM's

There are a number of banks throughout Angeles where you can get a cash advance on a credit card, but all will charge you 7.5 to 10 percent. 

ATM machines: There are numerous ATM's in Angeles now.  Most have a limit between P 5000 and P 10,000 a day..



Click here  Hotel information for links where you can book Angeles hotels

General Info

Angeles City is a fairly safe town with very little major crime problems when compared with an American city of the same population. It is generally safe to roam the tourist district even after dark as long as you practice the same precautions you would at home. There are occasionally assaults on dark side streets in town.  Therefore, we recommend that you take a trike or taxi from the tourist district to your hotel or apartment after dark.

Brownouts are still a common occurrence in the Philippines.  The power may be reliable for weeks, but you can still expect a loss of power during heavy tropical rains - most common Jun to Nov, and at any time.   If you like to watch TV or stay up on world news, we have cable TV with over 30 channels including: CNN, Fox News, HBO, Cinemax, VH1, MTV, Star, and Star Movies. This is far more channels than you will receive anywhere else in the Philippines, including Manila.

Snail Mail

If you are planning to be in Angeles City for awhile, you can have mail sent to Margarita Station. Have your friends address your mail to you at Margarita Station, 940 Fields Avenue, Balibago 2009, Angeles City , Philippines. When regular mail arrives the cashier will post the addressees name on the notice board. There is no charge for this service.


The internet has been available in Angeles City tourist district  since Sep 1996.  There are now internet cafes throughout the entertainment district.  Most of the hotels now have internet connections available in the rooms.  Some internet cafe's offer faster speed at a real premium price.  (Heck, I can only type so fast!)  Still others have a minimum charge.  It pays to ask before you sit down.

Night Life

Angeles City has one of the most active night-time entertainment districts in the country. There are approximately seventy five bars concentrated into about five city blocks in Balibago. And no, they are not all "girly" bars. These establishments range from quiet pubs,  to top-of-the-line "Manila style" bars.  If you are a frustrated singer, there are about forty karaoke's spread throughout Angeles. And yes, if you are looking for "girly" bars there are plenty of them in Angeles, but it is a town where you can bring your wife or girlfriend and enjoy the town.

Medical Facilities

Medical City on Clark has become the local hospital of choice for most EXPATs.  Sacred Heart in southern Angeles is also a very modern hospital.    About 2 hours away, St. Luke's Medical Center is one of the best hospital in the country. If you are really sick, JC recommends the 3 hour flight from Clark to Bangkok where you can get excellent care at Bangkok Hospital.

Health insurance policies that include basic dental checkup, an annual physical, emergency medical treatment, private room, etc. are available starting at P 9,500 per year. (Yes, that's about $190 per year).  Check with McGuire Insurance for the most current rates. Don Juico Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines Phone: +63 45 322 0942