Bar Closure List..
Date BarRemarks
01-Oct-2016FirepitStaff finally released 11 Oct
28-Aug-2016Lipstick Suspected underage. Reopened the next day.
28-Aug-2016Orange Suspected underage. Reopened the next day.
03-Nov-2015Shooterz BarBar closed for 24 hours because a "concerned citizen" had given the Mayor's Office an outside picture of the front of Shooterz and voiced a complaint about the suggestive nature of an outside banner. Specifically, the citizen felt that the banner was "pornographic" because it showed a lady with pasties on her breasts. Allowed to reopen after 24 hours
06-Mar-2015NemisisRumored the raid was conducted by CIDG and IJM. Girls were taken to Clark. Expected to be released once ages verified. Staff taken to Camp Olivas, Manila. Police said the rescue & entrapment operation was done with the help of 2 foreigners who acted as customers and paid bar fines to take out young female bar workers for sex using marked money. The two were accompanied by an undercover policewoman. Arrested were Markus Brombacher, 45, a German national residing at the nearby Bgy. Malabanias, and 18 employees of the Nemesis Bar. Rescued were 141 female entertainers, 13 of them minors.
03-Mar-2015White Wave Raided 930 pm The reported reason for the raid was the employment of an underage girl. Apparently a complaint was filed against the bar. The girls mamasans and staff were taken to Camp Olvas where the girls underwent a dental check in order to determine their age. All girls have been cleared except one whose dental results are still being considered. No foreigners were taken. Raid occurred about 8.45 pm on 6 March 2015 Reportedly they found no underage girls and the girls were released. Three mamasans remain in custody. Bar reopened 6 March
13-Feb-2015Nasty Duck About 2:30pm. 14 Girls were taken out in 2 groups. It was a joint raid between Manila Police and the Region 3 Social Welfare Office. Reports of 1 under-aged girl.
19-Nov-2014White WaveWhite Wave is a relatively new bar (open mid-Aug). The White Wave (formerly Spearmint Rino) was raided on 19 Nov. The staff was released on the night of 20 Nov. The manager was not in the bar at the time of the raid. The rumor is, even though the donation was made to camp Olivas city hall decided to close it anyway.
30-Oct-2014Centuro BarRaided by RSOG from San Fernando. Staff spent the night in lock up in SF until donation made to Christmas Fund.
29-Oct-2014Candy BarRaided by RSOG from San Fernando. Staff spent the night in lock up in SF until donation made to Christmas Fund.
29-Aug-2014After School CIDG from San Fernando. 18 girls taken to San Fernando on 29 Aug. 16 staff released 30 Aug. No cash paid. Mamasan and cashier still being held. No bar fines paid, no marked money and cops took the cash box.
21-Aug-2014Aura Bar Raided 21 Aug. Korean bar with unfriendly attitude to westerners or guys with an escort already, so few details known
07-Aug-2014Nirvana Local CIDG raid. All Girls taken in Jeepneys.
02-Aug-2014Calypso & Grand Pharaoh Bars were raided by CIDG Manila. CIDG reportedly used a Korean asset to pay a bar fine and promptly raided straight after. They detained customers all girls and staff. They questioned all foreigners found on the premises but let the majority go after having inspected their identification documents. They detained Hollywood Mark who was the MC for "Search for Queen of Calypso" event. They questioned all girls and after making them write down their name released girls who were 20 or over.
03-Jul-2014Red Bar, Q Bar & Shipwrecked NOT REALLY A RAID. Red Bar, Q Bar and Shipwrecked were "Inspected" by the Barangay. They took all of the girls that lacked barangay permits. These bars were not closed and the very few dancers with permits were allowed to continue dancing. 80 girls with no ID taken. Fine P1000 each. P80,000 pretty good income for barangay for a "non-raid"
05-Jun-2014Honey Ko's Raided about 1730 by personnel from Camp Olivas. Staff taken including 2 momasans. Men of the Regional Special Operations Group based at Camp Olivas, the regional police headquarters in Pampanga, are facing extortion charges for allegedly demanding P1 million from the owner. Chief Inspector Heryl Bruno, provincial chief of the CIDG, said he also ordered an investigation as the RSOG operatives allegedly identified themselves as CIDG members. Bruno said the owner of Honey Ko’s bar on Fields Avenue here has filed extortion charges against the RSOG men before the city prosecutor’s office. The police officers though have yet to be named pending their identification by the complainant and witnesses, although they definitely belong to the RSOG, he added. “The report is that the erring cops had asked the owner for P1 million so that charges would not be pursued against him,” Bruno said. The RSOG men, allegedly identifying themselves as CIDG. Reopened 21 Jul
05-Jun-2014VoodooRaided early morning (4 June). Most staff on duty taken to Camp Olivas. Staff released early evening of 5 June.
22-May-2014Agasya Raided by PNP from Camp Olivas in San Fernando. Raided about 10:45 pm. Two to three officers in uniform, all others in civilian clothes. Ladies were removed in 3 jeepneys lined up along the road one block over from Walking Street (in front of Body Shop, Agasya, and Tropix). The asset was Korean and left in a separate SUV with a Filipina lady. No customer removed, only ladies from the bar. The entire operation took less than 20 minutes. Female staff released on 25 May.
17-May-2014Gecko's Closed 17 May 2014 by CIDG Pampanga. Reopened on 18 May, but some staff still held in San Fernando.
17-May-2014Vahalla Raided by CIDG Pampanga. Reopened on 18 May 2014. Then closed by Barangay on 23 May. Reopened on 2 June. Last 3 staff in 174 were released 27 Aug. Their case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, also Cynthia case opened for "reinvestigation" has been dismissed, no payments was done except to our lawyer in Manila.
17-May-2014Bar Nana Raided by CIDG Pampanga. Reopened on 18 May. (Korean Owned)
17-May-2014Sister Hill Raided on 17 May by CIDG Camp Crame, Immigration, IJM, and PNP. 12 Customers taken to Manila. Most released the next day once they produced copy of their passport and were fingerprinted. Released customers had to pay their own way back to Angeles. (Korean owned)
20-Mar-2014Night Moves, Perimeter RoadFew Details available. Staff released 22 Mar. No charges filed.
20-Mar-2014Bento BarNo Details on the raid
08-Mar-2014AngelwitchRaid by Regional Special Operations Group (R2) from Camp Olivas. Reports of between 83 and 88 staff taken to San Fernando. This included the male DJ. Once in San Fernando, they had their mugshots taken and were thrown in the cell. No dental examination was made. All but 2 girls released 9 Mar about 5 pm. 2 girls who were left in San Fernando were not barfined. Don't know whether they volunteered or were singled out, but indications were that they were very pretty.
28-Feb-2014EquusThe old Fantasy Bar now known as EQUUS raided by Local CIDG. 49 staff taken away. All girls released a few days later.
04-Feb-2014Shadow barRaided for reported underage
30-Jan-2014LollipopRaid was conducted by PNP from Camp Olivas, and it is rumored but that local CIDG was also present. REOPENED on 1 Feb.
13-Jan-2014Aby Lyn Joint Raid by U.S.ICE, US Homeland Security, PNP and the IJM. Supposed underage.
13-Jan-2014Lovely Paradise Joint Raid by U.S.ICE, US Homeland Security, PNP and the IJM. Supposed underage.
07-Nov-2013Atlantis Reportedly raiding team said they were looking for foreigners with weapons. All foreigners frisked and let go. Large number of female staff taken away in Jeepneys.
11-Oct-2013Carousel BarThe bar was closed by the owners & is still closed since the raid. The manager and at least 2 waitresses are being held. The manager is/was being held at station 4, but may have been moved to the station close to Marquee mall on 17 Oct. More info forthcoming.
02-Oct-2013Tycoon Bar Filipino Bar on MacArthur Highway. Raided by NBI w/IJM involvement. Supposedly 2 underaged girls
08-Aug-2013Midnight RockClosed by city hall for leaking pipe and loose hindge on a cabinet in kitchen
30-Jul-2013InsomniaClosed by City Hall for minor housekeeping items
30-Jul-2013D' ClubClose by City Hall for minor housekeeping items
19-Jul-2013AngelwitchClosed by City for Fire Violations
19-Jul-2013DevilwitchClosed by City for Fire Violations
19-Jul-2013VoodooClosed by City for Fire Violations
12-Jul-2013Viking BarCIDG
01-Jul-2013Candy BarClosed by City Hall because of CIDG raid on 20 June despite no charges filed (allowed to reopen on 27 July)
26-Jun-2013Baby DollsFloor Manager and cashier charged with human trafficking - closure by City Hall. Reopened on 15 Sept 2013
20-Jun-2013Candy BarCIDG - took 31 staff - everyone released after about 6-7 days
28-May-2013Club Prada KTVOwner +3 charged with trafficking - complaint filed bt DSDW for underaged - no indication any underage found
22-May-2013Eager BeaverSome customers held up to 2 hours
23-Mar-2013CamelotSuspected Underage (NONE FOUND) - 92 staff taken away by bus - manager still in jail July 2013
29-Nov-2012Tight Jeans
16-Nov-2012Bare Assets
11-Nov-2012StampedeThey took the manager, the cashier and 10 young looking girls.
31-Mar-2012Coyote UglyA foreigner and five others were arrested and 37 female workers "rescued"
07-Oct-2011Dollhouse"Closed for the weekend as courtesy to City Hall"
15-Sep-2011DollhouseDH: 48, Honky Tonk: 17, Dirty Duck: 12 & Boogles 2 (12 minors suspected)
15-Sep-2011Dirty Duck
04-Jul-2011Golden NileClosed by Mayors Office
04-Jul-2011Blue Nile ExecClosed by Mayors Office
04-Jul-2011Cambodia ClubClosed by Mayors Office
28-Jun-2011Sunshine ClubComplaint from a mother of a dancer?
28-Jun-2011Golden Nilecomplaint by the Crusade Against Good Customs and Decency International
28-Jun-2011Blue Nile Execcomplaint by the Crusade Against Good Customs and Decency International
19-May-2011Honey PotRay Kelly arrested - Girls asked to pay P15k each for release @ Camp Crame
19-May-2011Bunny Ranch ?
24-Dec-2010Camelot mgr releasedNo charges filed. Some staff still in jail
15-Sep-2010Camelot327 employees arrested from the three night clubs
15-Sep-2010Forbidden City
15-Sep-2010Dirty Duck
15-Aug-2010Forbidden Citymother complained daughter underage - Louie and Perry, taken NO CLOSURE
08-Aug-2010Pony Tailsraid occurred during the whipped cream and banana show - 12 girls detained
17-Feb-2010Casi Cielo
06-Feb-2010Honey Ko's
28-Apr-2009Vahalla?Unlicensed employees and 1 under age
28-Apr-2009Club 68?
28-Apr-2009Edelweiss Bar?
09-Dec-2008EmotionsMadness Party
30-Jul-2008Roadhouse5 staff detained - clubs not closed & no underage girls discovered
30-Jul-2008AlsakaMost staff detained - clubs not closed & no underage girls discovered
30-Jul-2008King of DiamondsMost staff detained - clubs not closed & no underage girls discovered
30-Jul-2008VoodooMost staff detained - clubs not closed & no underage girls discovered
03-Jul-2008Agasya Club not closed. Numerous girls taken away
03-Jul-2008Las Vegas ClubClub not closed. Numerous girls taken away
01-Nov-2007AlaskaPrivate party - closed 1 month
23-May-2007BedrockNBI Raid 334 employees were taken to Manila
23-May-2007Blue Nile ExecNBI Raid 334 employees were taken to Manila
23-May-2007Blue Nile NBI Raid 334 employees were taken to Manila
23-May-2007Nero'sNBI Raid 334 employees were taken to Manila
30-Nov--0001Calypso & Grand Pharaoh Raid conducted by Manila CIDG. Supposedly a Korean asset used to pay a barfine. Hollywood Mark was MC at an event("search for Queen of Calypso")and he was detained. Customers were released after they produced ID's. Girls over 20 were released.

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