Major USAF Buildings

This page contains photos of some of the major buildings during the USAF period.

The former USAF hospital taken in May 1997
Hospital Reception area (May 1997)
Interior of hospital (view from front desk toward x-ray and ER) These shots were taken in May 97. By October the entire hospital had been gutted to support beams and exterior walls in preparation for renovations. Photos in the next update.
Another interior shot of the former hospital from May 97
Regency Casino (Former Officer's Club)
Some things never change! The former 353 SOW Headquarters building is now a TOY factory
Holiday Inn (Former Chambers Hall) * * Photo Aug 97 * *
Convention Center (Former Chambers Hall Parking lot)
The Holiday Inn Swimming Pool - located in the parking lot behind Chamber's Hall
Merchandise Control (Former main Post Office)
Four Seasons Steakhouse & Deli (Former morgue)
(Former NCO Club) - May 1997
PAF HQ (Former Hobby Shop)
Former Pass & ID (Security Police) building
One of the schools on the hill (July 97). By Oct 97 they had this structure under major renovations with the roof removed and most of the walls gone.