Clark was designated a Special Economic Zone.  Duty Free stores were set up for use by International Travelers.  And, to help the impoverished refugees of the Mt. Pinatubo eruptions in the Angeles, all refugees could get a monthly allowance.  Of course, everyone that applied was considered a refugee.  These stores multiplied like crazy until some of the loop holes were finally closed around 2001 or 2002.  Many have now gone out of business, but some still provide us with USA canned goods and products we cannot get elsewhere in the Philippines.

Lilly Hill Duty Free Plaza
PX Club (site of former old NCO club at base of Lilly Hill)
Another new duty free mall under construction
Another new duty free (in old PSC #4 (??))
JC Duty free (former Supply HQ building)
Danish Deli (new building next to old morgue)
Royal Clark Duty Free. Located on the old softball fields between the commissary and the hospital. Note the McDonald's arches over the roof. Lilly Hill water tanks on the right
Pure Gold Duty Free Store on left (with Jollibee & Chow King).
Front Entrance to Pure Gold shot from the Marshall's DF parking lot.
Another new building located on previous vacant lot behind softball fields