Expo Filipino

The "Elephant Cage" at Clark was converted into the site for the Filipinos to celebrate their centennial.  They had 100 years to get ready for this event, but it opened almost one year late.  The huge crowds they anticipated never materialized and the site is all but abandoned now.  It is dusted off for an occasional concert.

Elephant Cage under renovation into a Centennial park (May 97)
Artist rendition of the Centennial site (former elephant cage), originally scheduled to December 1997
Aerial photo of Centennial site in Feb 1998
Elephant Cage Feb 98
Entrance to Expo Filipino (former elephant cage) Nov 98
View toward stadium (flag poles are part of the old elephant cage)
View toward SW.  Antennas on Lilly hill barely visible on upper left.   Just near center is a Mc Donald's sign (not visible in this quality of photo)   Just to the right of that on the skyline is the Holiday Inn (former Chamber's Hall) and on the far right is the gutted hospital.
Main Expo building