Main Gate to Clark Special Economic Zone New Friendship Gate
DMIA Terminal All the roads on Clark have been renamed. Some street signs, like the ones on the left, reflect the old names from Clark AB days, but most newer ones have only the new names.
Old Mitchell Highway from main gate is a divided highway.  This shot near the main gate (in front of Shoe Mart Mall) Another shot of Mitchell Highway outbound toward Friendship Gate.
Statue of President Manuel Roxas at the intersection of former Mitchell Highway and former O'Leary Ave. Plaque on parade grounds (now Stotsenburg Park) near old 13th AF HQ.
Statue of Captain Colin Kelly located near old power plant & motor pool.  Statues put up by CDC in 2002.            Statue of LTC Boyd Wagner, first American ACE in WWII.

Entrance to Mimosa which includes Holiday Inn, Golf Course, Casino, Convention Center, Montevista's Villas, and numerous restaurants. Formerly Bong Highway leading up to Chambers Hall (now Holiday Inn(.
Holiday Inn Clark Another shot of the Holiday Inn. Convention Center/Ballroom on the right was added on in the late 1990's.
Mimosa Convention Center - just north of the Officers Club patio/Mongolian BBQ area. Mimosa Casino - former officers club
Mimosa Country Club Mimosa Golf Course. Tiger Woods played in this 86-hectare rolling terrain set against the backdrop of mountain ranges. It is a championship course composed of three nines: Acacia, Lakeview, and Mountainview.
Mimosa Driving Range

Montevista Villas located on the gold course across from the Holiday Inn.
Entrance to Fontana Resort Fontana Casino & Hotel located in former Wurtsmith Elementary School.  Hotel portion is in major renovation in Aug 2007.
Fontana Convention Center located in former Fontana also has a water park located next to the casino/hotel complex.
Advertised as an "American Style Resort,"  Fontana really caters mostly to Asian tourists. Fontana is now adding private swimming pools to some of the villas.
The Oxford Hotel is located near the intersection of the former Mitchell Highway and Dau Ave, Paradise Casino is under construction across from the Oxford Hotel. It is being built around the former Housing Office.
New hotel under construction on the site of the old Clark Base Exchange Former Bobbit Theatre is under renovation again.  This building has been used for several failed businesses in the last 15 years.
Hotel Stotsengerg is located at the corner of the former Maratt Highway and Simon Street (between 4 Seasons and the Airman's Club). Hotel Stotsenberg pool area. Seeing the spelling of the hotel and the park on the former parade grounds, I asked Tom Utts about the correct spelling and he replied "According to Col. C.R. Andergee, who did the Ash Warrior book for the USAF History office it is: Stotsenburg."
Another shot of the incredible Hotel Stotsenberg. Another new resort under construction. Signs indicate it will be called Zeno. Located in the vicinity of the former Mac Arthur Elementary School.
Asiana Greenville Resort. Resort is composed of a number of old two story family housing units and a garden/pool area. Garden area of Asiana Greenville Resort.  Located near Zeno resort along the former Mitchell Highway.
The Clark Hotel is located in multiple buildings that used to be the visiting Chief's Quarters, the Credit Union, and what I think was a Com-center building.    

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