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Corregidor Island

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You can reach the island of Corregidor Island via a hydrofoil from Manila, or you can do it from Angeles via banca boat from the Bataan peninsula.

Located about 1 - 2 hours drive from Angeles, this is absolutely the best day trip from Angeles City that I have found.  In Feb 2006 we left Angeles at 7 AM, saw everything we wanted to on the island, and we were back before 5 PM. 

Total cost including a van from Angeles to Bataan was about $100 for the five of us. 

I have now done this trip four times in the last 25 years.  On each visit things have become more tourist friendly, but sadly some of the feelings of solitude have disappeared with the increase in tourists.

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On the Bataan peninsula look for the sign on the left located at the 16 km marker for the Bataan Death March.  You can take this turn, but it goes through a very congested area. I suggest you proceed down the highway until you see the 14 km marker. Turn left and proceed to Villa Carmen Beach Resort. 

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At Villa Carmen it is time to negotiate for a boat to Corregidor. In 2003 I was able to get a big boat for 6 people for P900.  In 2006 they started at P2000! I was finally able to get them down to P1500.  I did not meet anyone on the island that had gotten a boat that cheap. 

In early 2013 two different customers gave us feedback on the banca prices at Villa Carmen. Fred M was quoted P4000 and managed to get her down to P3500. And Iain B. said the price was between P3000 and P3800 but didn't give an exact price.

A pretty steep price for a 22-30 minute ride each way with the driver waiting on the island for 3.5 - 4.5+ hours.

Might be time to take some time and look for a banca somewhere other than Villa Carmen!

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The Corregidor staff dress in the WWII style uniforms. 

Once on the island at the south docks you will be directed to the park building to pay a landing fee of P202 per person.  This landing fee includes a trolley type jeep to take you around the island. This trolley gets filled with about 20-28 people. It makes stops at set sites on the island. I found most stops too long or too short. In 2003 I hired a jeepney for my group and told them where we wanted to go. When the group was finished, we moved on to the next point of interest.  I checked and there are still plenty of jeeps available for hire for a set fee of P800 for four hours.   If I returned again, I would ask the people in the park building to assist in getting me a private jeep.

2013 Update:  Fred P. says the landing fee has dropped to P50 per person.  A jeep still costs P800 and a guide was P750.

The Malinta Tunnel Light Show is P60 (2013).
More feedback from Fred P:  
I left AC about 0700 and returned about 1600.  That was with a visit to Mt Samat on the way home. Entrance fee was P30 and the elevator fee was P10.

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Free trolley for transport around the island. Don't be confused, it was this empty because passengers were out taking photos. It runs FULL.

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Take a powerful flashlight.

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View of picnic area by north dock

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Japanese Memorial

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Philippine Memorial

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Sign at Philippine Memorial

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Sign at Philippine Memorial

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A state of Belligerency!

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Middle Camp Barracks

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Top Site (mile long) Barracks

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Top Camp parade field

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2nd Mar 1945 During a ceremony where the Parachute Combat Regimental Team Commander present Corregidor to MacArthur

correg033.jpg (67376 bytes) After the free vehicle returns from Top Camp, it stops at the picnic area. We had taken several small coolers with lunch and cold drinks, so it was a nice break. But, the driver leaves and asks when you want him back. We told him 30 minutes and he was gone about an hour. The park personnel called him and told him to return. Another advantage of a private jeepney.

On my first two visits Mac Arthur's staff car was parked in the ruins of the museum. It is no longer on the island. I asked a guard and he said it was moved to the main land. I hope it is well protected somewhere and not stolen.

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Spanish Lighthouse

Anyone wanting more information can send an email to:    The Margarita Station van is almost always available on Mondays since it cannot drive in Manila on Mondays due to traffic control restrictions. We can also provide several small coolers and box lunches or fresh fruit salad (which tasted better than sandwiches after a hot day on the island).

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Aerial Photos by Dave Lillig

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