Our Bartenders Corner

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Lito and Fred are our head bartenders.  Both have been with us for over nine years and they have a large assortment of recipes for libations (drinks for us plain folks) that they would like to share with our visitors. 

Ask to see our "SHOOTER BOOK"  which is full of great shooters (including quite a number invented by our bartenders and our customers) at lower prices than anywhere else in Angeles.  This book also has a list of full size cocktails including a section of ISLAND DRINKS that are very refreshing on hot tropical days & nights.

Our current drink is:

Mother's Milk 

This is a Original Drink invented by our bartenders. It has been copied by several clubs in Angeles City, but the first ones were made right in the ville. This drink was very popular with the pilots from the USS Independence.

Malibu Rum  1/4  shot
Amarula or Bailey's  1/4 shot
Fresh Milk 1 shot
Drambuie 1/4 shot
Coconut Powder 1/2 tsp

Mix with crushed ice and serve in a baby bottle with a little bigger hole cut in the nipple

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