Miss the sounds of theville?  Well here ya go:


When the food is ready to be served, the kitchen notifies the waitress by computer digital sounds. Each waitress is assigned to a station and her section number is broadcast over our speaker system.
click on the play button to hear the calls

The bar section  (this station is for customers seated and eating at our giant horseshoe shaped bar)
Section2 (this station located in the front along the street)
Section3 (this station is around the pool table area)
Section4 (this station is for customers seated around the perimeter of the dining area)
Section5 (this station is for customers seated around the big managers table and the booths nearby)
Section6 (this station is for customers seated in the large dining area)

Bar Maps

For current and excellent maps detailing the location of establishments in this area check out:


Here are some maps of the Fields Ave/Balibago area from our archives in the early to mid 90's.  These maps are by no means to accurate scale and are sure to contain some minor inaccuracies. Some of you will remember the clubs listed on the maps.

Our original Bar Map of Fields and Perimeter Road. Our best guess is that we compiled and printed this map in or around Dec 1993. As you can see in the bar list, there were many bars open. However, the majority of the bars during this time were surviviors from the volcano and the base closings. Many were small and had very few GROs.
1993 Perimeter Road    perimeter   1993 Fields Ave.    fields

These two maps were produced in March of 1994. New bars Archies, Tahitian Queen popped up and joined Top Hat, Dreams, Roadhouse and possibly Ziggys as a new breed of Manila style bars. This forced some of the older bars to rennovate or die. The tourists liked the aircon and clean floors that these bars bought in. Some veteran bar hoppers still prefered the older dusty and more rawdy bars.
1994 Perimeter Road    perimeter   1994 Fields Ave.    fields

By 1996, a few 'Groups' or coorporations were starting to move in and open bars. Supprisingly, perimeter road was still wide open but was soon to be the next area of bar expansion.

1996 Perimeter Road    perimeter   1996Fields Ave.    fields

1997/98 or thereabouts: We pretty much burned out on making bar maps by this time. Names were changing and new bars were popping up so fast that our meager staff couldn't keep up with the updates. Better we let somebody else who had the time and desire produce good maps. This was our last map.

  1997/98 Fields Ave.    fields