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Why the name change?

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Out with the old:                oldlogosmall.gif (8345 bytes)

In with the new:                newlogosmall.gif (10551 bytes)


     Hey, we love Jimmy Buffett.  We love his music (especially his song "Margaritaville"),  books and lifestyle.  We even framed and hung some of his concert T-shirts on our ceiling. 

     But...we certainly don't care for his legal department.  Jimmy's lawyers (or probably more correctly the "Margaritaville" mega corporation) hired a law firm in Manila to harass, threaten and stalk us because of our former name "Margaritaville".  Being lawyers, they would certainly drag this harassment on for as long as the "Margaritaville" corporation would continue to supply them with pesos.

     Well, they've got more money that we can pay our lawyer -- and besides, we like Jimmy as previously stated.  So instead of this getting to some Filipino Court where money determines the decisions, we just decided to make it easy on everybody and change our name. 

     Our web site and nickname ,"theville", and email "theville.mgr@gmail.com will still remain the same.  Most Filipino customers refer to us as " Margarita" anyway.   We just added "Station" because there happens to be a railroad track running about 50 yards west of us.  No matter there hasn't been a train on it for 25 years. 

     We are the same owners, same management, same friendly waitresses, bartenders and staff.  With this new name change, we plan on adding some exciting services in the near future.

     So--Catch the train and chug on down to Margarita Station where the action continues to happen.