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Feb 2006


After 14 years, Rick's Cafe will close it's doors at the end of March. The proliferation of cheap internet cafes and the forecast opening of SM Mall with multiple fast food outlets had a big influence on Rick's decision. But, ultimately it was several established EXPATS making Rick offers he just couldn't refuse that made him decide to close the business.  But, if you were a frequent user of Rick's Gifts for your HoneyKo's don't despair, Rick isn't going to miss a beat. He will keep this service operating and word is he already has his eyes on another business venture.


It is almost time for a new menu at theville. We are in the final stages of training the cooks and the waitresses on our new menu and it should be on the tables real soon.  We have kept all the favorites and added a few new items that have tested good with some of our regular customers.  You can get a sneak preview at:


NEW CONSTRUCTION:             Several guys from England (NO, the rumor that it is the Dollhouse guys is NOT TRUE) have started renovation on the former home of Cleopatra & Sphinx.  Word is it will be a BLUES CLUB.  No dancing girls but the word I have received is that they will have GRO's. They won't have to do much to beat the 2005 renovation!

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NEW CONSTRUCTION:  Work has begun on the east side of Santos street with the removal of Caddy Shack and most of the other buildings leading up to the Wild Orchid. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as it was a long time coming.  For all you that think this is the end of the street, another false rumor -- there will be enough stalls on the first floor of the condo complex for 7-8 clubs or other small businesses.  I doubt the billy-boys will move back in, but an cleaner Santos street style bar is possible. We can only hope for the best.


CLOSED: In early January I went to make my routine stop in Bananitas only to find it closed. IMO this was the most underrated bar on Fields Ave, but sadly it looks like it will be a long time until it reopens.  Word on the street is that officials discovered two girls to be underage (17 yrs old). The girls were "rescued" by DSWD and the mamasan was arrested.  The owner was not on the premises and he is now on vacation at a non-disclosed location.  If anyone wants to buy a bar, it is rumored that this club is for sale for $250,000 US, but I'm sure it is negotiable!


CLOSED: Winchester Bar is closed and reported to be for sale.


CORREGIDOR: JC just made his fourth trip to Corregidor and he has posted all the details you need to need to take a banca boat from the Bataan peninsula vs. the more costly & time consuming trip from Manila. You can leave Angeles at 8 am and be back for 5 o'clock cocktails!  For all the details see the link at:


A NEW HOTEL:    Just when you think we have reached the new hotel saturation point, GERARD starts another project.  This time his plans call for the biggest hotel on the strip. I have heard figures from 175 to 245 rooms.  Seven stories and all the five star amenities including a swimming pool, restaurant & bar, etc.  Since he usually builds on a grand scale, I can't wait to see this place.  This new hotel will be on the Mac Arthur end of Fields Ave (from the Highway to Chicken & Ribs)   


San Miguel Beer distributors have increased their prices about 10%+ on all products effective 1 March


Some recent photos from Clark Air Base

Gate to Negrito Village Persecution? Photos of old field grade officer housing on "the hill"