June 2008



FUND RAISER:     On the 19th of May  we  had  a fund raiser for the Tom Donnelly Medical Fund at the  Wild Orchid.      We raised another P 67,500 which brings the total raised to just under P 1,000,000.    Not a great success considering the food and beverages put out by C'Italian and Margarita Station were undoubtedly worth more than the 67.5k raised.  Fortunately, most of the beverages were donated and C'Italian generously donated the great food they brought. 

It was a nice sunny day in the beautiful Wild Orchid pool area surrounded by some of Tom's friends.  It gave many of us time to relax and tell a story or two about good times with Tom.  He was one of the quiet, good guys that are very rare in our dusty town and he will be missed by many people.

Besides the many EXPATS in attendance, we were joined by the girls and management from Stargate, Roadies, Honey Ko's & Rhapsody.  The girls provided some entertainment with pool side games.   Thanks to Neil, the top three bars got trophies for the games.  The results:  Roadies 1st place, Stargate 2nd place, and Honey Ko's 3rd.

We also had a huge raffle with over 100 prizes.  James Murphy, winner of the top prize, a flight for two to Boracay. generously gave that prize to Tom's widow, Divina.  Lots of other people won free hotel stays in Angeles, Subic, or Manila.  The full list of donations and prizes are on line at:

 I can not say enough good things about the support from the Dave, Kevin and the rest of the Wild Orchid Group, Neil, Dennis and the staffs from Stargate and Roadies, Dez and the staff from Honey Ko's, Will & Cel and staff from Rhapsody & La Bamba, Ken from SEAIR, Eugene & Palmera Gardens, Rodney and Swagman Resorts, San Miguel Beer, Gerard and ABC Hotel,  Ed and the staff at Medgar Apartelle,  Bernd and the owners at Arizona Hotel, Sherylie from (for autographing this months FHM magazine), Darrell from Tequila Reef and all the individuals that have supported the fund raising efforts.

Our good friend Sherylie was featured in this months FHM Magazine.   We have a few copies that she autographed for Tom Donnelly's fundraiser.  These are on sale from our cashier for P500.  All profits go to the Tom Donnelly medical fund.


JOJO GROUP EXTORTION:  Earlier this year I mentioned the appearance of the mysterious "JoJo Group".  These individuals who are not officially representing any office or agency of the city government are demanding huge payoffs from the bars the likes of which has never been seen in Angeles City.   Their latest demands are:
All establishments to pay 10% on all EWR's (Early Work Release, i.e., barfines)
All establishments to pay 10% of all Ladies Drinks

All establishments to pay P5 on all Customer drinks.

All establishments to pay an additional fee of P5,000 per month.

This is all in addition to P35 additional fee that is paid for each girl each week at Hygiene (with no receipt issued). 

 Furthermore, they have indicated that the ACTA (Angeles City Tourist Association) needs to be replaced with one headed by a Filipino, specifically Lewis from the Lewis Grand Hotel or Mr. Lewis would replace the elected president of ACTA.   It should be noted that this info came from the Jojo group and there is no indication that Lewis would accept such a position.

Barangay Work Permits?  In addition to the extortion by the Jojo Group, the Barangy Captain Rodelio "Tony"  Marmac has announced that all female employees of "Entertainment and Amusement houses" in Barangay Balibago must obtain Barangay Work Permits at the cost of P50 per employee.  The Barangay states that the funds raised would go into a 'Trust' to help educate 100 local children.  This is a totally new fee and seems in line with Captain Mamac's campaign to increase the "moral and spiritual values" of the citizens of Balibago.  I wonder what other fees will be thought up to cover the costs of numerous infrastructure projects that have been announce or are already on going such as a new P12 million barangay hall, a barangay police outpost, new canals & drainage systems, public toilets and even a barangay hospital.  At least Cpt. Mamac is giving receipts for these "work permits."

On Mother's Day the Orchid Inn hosted the Hong Kong Welsh Male Choir with the proceeds going to the Batay Bata Children Center.   It was a good evening with a good BBQ dinner while the choir performed.  Additionally, a group of children from Batay Bata showed their talents with traditional and local instruments.

Ray Kelly shot   On the14th of May at about 1:15 in the afternoon Ray Kelly was shot through his jaw in front of  Baretto's Meat Store on Perimeter Road.  Lots of rumors on this one.  The majority of the people in town that know Ray were sure it was an attempted assassination.  But, Ray, insists it was a simple robbery.  One rumor has eye witnesses saying Ray's ex-girlfriend was on the back of the bike, but others say it was a guy with long hair.  One "witness" said a trike tried to ram the motorcycle as it was fleeing, but the motorcycle swerved out of the way (a "hero trike driver"?  What next, Elvis sightings?).   Still another story about a EXPAT giving chase on a big motorcycle, but abandoning the chase after being shot at three times by the guy on the back of the bike who was then using a .45 (but Ray was shot with a .22). 

The good news is Ray wasn't seriously injured and he's already back to warming bar stools in his clubs.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
2 charged for robbing, shooting Aussie

ANGELES CITY -- The Criminal Investigation and Detection Team (CIDT) here has charged two men with robbery with frustrated murder for allegedly robbing and shooting an Australian national on May 14.

Police said the suspects, on board a motorcycle, shot and grabbed the P90,000 bracelet of Australian Raymond Arthur Kelly, 56, businessman and a resident of  Hensonville Homes in Malabanias.

CIDT Provincial Director Florendo Saligao identified the suspects as Michael David alias Manok and John Stevenson who were identified by the victim from the police Rogues Gallery. Both suspects, who were formally charged last May 22 before the City Prosecutor's Office, are still at large.

It was not immediately known if the second suspect is the same John Stevenson being hunted by the police in connection with the April 30 broad daylight robbery of Porac Bank along McArthur Highway in Barangay Dolores, City of San Fernando.

The Australian national was shot in the face by the suspects who were riding in tandem when they tried to rob him at gunpoint in front of Bretto's Meat Shop and Restaurant located along Don Juico Avenue in Clarkview, Malabanias here.

After shooting Kelly, the suspects grabbed his bracelet and fled towards unknown direction.

The victim was rushed by witnesses to a nearby hospital for treatment.

In the Porac bank robbery, bank employees were able to identify Stevenson from the Rogues Gallery. The robbery was also recorded by the bank's close circuit television system. Stevenson and his two still unidentified companions in the bank robbery are still at large.

The Porac bank robbery resulted in the relief of City of San Fernando Chief Renato Soria for not being able to comply with the 72-hour ultimatum given by Pampanga Police Provincial Director Keith Singian to arrest the suspects. (JAM)

Despite the Jojo Group, the Barangay Captain, and the rainy season, a walk through the entertainment district has the feeling of a carnival.  All that is missing is a Monkey Grinder and Bozo the clown.  The girls from the Dollhouse group with their bright wigs do add a lot to the happy feelings.  With Crystal Palace, Tropix, Body Shop, Bird Cage and one more Dollhouse bar coming soon to the old Tom Cat's location, REAL STREET is alive for the first time in years.

DOLLHOUSE RAIDED:  During a Wednesday night photo shoot in early June the CIDG raided Dollhouse and took away 8 body painted spotlight dancers.  The Dollhouse was not closed and eventually (about 3 am) the dancers were released with no charges being filed.  According to one source, dancers that are painted are not considered topless/nude. 

As you can see from the advertisement on the left, the Dollhouse Group isn't being discreet about the weekly body painting.

Lost In Asia Still has a good line-up for Perimeter Road, but it still could win awards for the worst designed bar in Angeles City.  The management has plans to renovate the seating area, but not sure this is going to happen any time soon.

Gecko's is one of the best early bars in town.  This club has one of the highest ratios of staff per square meter of any bar in Angeles.  The stage is always full and don't overlook the waitress staff here!

EMOTIONS  Has introduced a large food menu which is available from 8 am until late night.  The menu selection ranges from traditional breakfasts to pizzas.  On a recent night out one guy in our group ordered some seasoned french fries.  They were so good everyone else in the group ordered some.  if you are really hungry you can try their 3 pound Super Mega Burger for P795 (eat it all and it's free).  The next time I'm hungry on a bar hop I think I'll try the JACK DANIEL'S TENDERLOIN TIPS (P325) or the MEATLOAF baked in Jack Daniels's sauce (P265).

NEW HOTEL: Savannah Hotel nears completion.  It is located between Honey Ko's and the Clarkton Hotel on Perimeter Road.

RAINY SEASON SPECIAL:  While most of the prices keep going up, the folks at MEDGAR APARTELLE have introduced a Rainy Season Discount.  Knocking almost 25% off their regular rates for their Executive Rooms making them just P1800 a night.  This is great value for a room with an American mattress, a Lazy Boy, small kitchen, in-room computer with internet, and more.  The hotel has a huge generator and superb security.  Best of all it is just a short walk from Margarita Station.

BLUE NILE EXECUTIVE HOTEL WEEKDAY DISCOUNT:  For quite a while the Blue Nile Executive Hotel has been offering a 50% discount from Sunday thru Thursday.  Despite the changes in management I have been assured that this discount will continue.  Just ask for complete details when booking through


Great cellular phone holder spotted in Tropix nightclub.


CRYSTAL PALACE  Opened in May in the former Pick-Up disco/Heartbreaker building.  The dance floor has been moved to the right side and the place feels a bit like a baby Dollhouse.

BLUE NILE GROUP RESTRUCTURING:  After over a year of negotiations,  on 1 June the Blue Nile group was split up into two groups.  The investors under Peter Dunn took over Blue Nile, Blue Nile Executive Club, Neros, and Bedrock.   Richard will keep Cambodia, the Golden Nile and the Blue Nile Hotel and Misty's.   All the EXPAT managers were terminated on 3 June.   Bruce moved from Blue Nile to Cambodia.  Word is Rady is managing all of Peter's bars.

The photos are recent shots of Golden Nile, now scheduled to open about 1 Sept?

CRAZY HORSE CLOSED:  In late May the current "owners" of Crazy Horse stripped the club in the middle of the night.  The next day the staff lined up outside wondering what had happened and if they would get their back pay. 

Most local EXPATS are calling this one Poetic Justice since these guys had pulled a fast one and had taken the bar from the previous owner without paying him anything for the rights.  There were lots of promises over the months, but apparently no money was ever paid.

One rumor said the former owner finally won a law suit and these guys had to leave the same way they took over,   QUICKLY.

Tom Cat has been gutted and is being remodeled by the Dollhouse Group
Touch of Class has renovated the rear of the bar.  It's a big improvement.  And the full food menu from Emotions is available in this sister bar.

Insomnia was sold. The new owners took over on 1 June.  No major changes are expected as the layout of this club is IMO one of the best in Angeles.

wee George's bar had a soft opening on 14 June.  The Grand Opening is scheduled for Tuesday 17 June.  This club is next to Roadie's on Perimeter Road.

cadillac jacks...I'm told this fully renovated club will reopen soon

C-HOW-U-R opened in Hensonville on 31 May across from the old SILVER BULLET.  Local drinks/beer is P45 and Ladies Drinks are P100.  The bar is open from 3 pm until midnight.

WORK STOPPED: Construction on Gerard's new building near checkpoint was stopped after only three of the 90+ support piles were driven into the ground.  Seems a rich neighbor complained to City Hall about the vibrations and was able to get the work stopped despite the fact that Gerard has all the proper permits for the construction.

SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway)

I recently did my first trip to Subic on the SCTEX.  Once you get on the new road it is a great relaxing drive to/from Subic. But, only in the Philippines could someone design a road like this without making it easily accessible from one of the three cities in the title of the road!  Leaving Margarita Station it takes 30 minutes to get on the SCTEX.  Driving through Clark and exiting the Mabalacat Gate you must turn right on Mac Arthur highway and head back toward Angeles.  About ten minutes down Mac Arthur highway you can see the overpass connecting the NLEX with the SCTEX.  But, there is no ramp for people approaching from the north, so you need to go past  the overpass and then make a U-turn to enter from the south.  Next, you proceed about 1.5 to 2 miles toward Manila until you see the U-turn to head back to the SCTEX. Upon reaching the Subic area you pay the P112 toll and then about 1/2 mile down the road you reach the Subic-Tipo section of the NLEX and you must pay another toll of P19.  Sound confusing ? It is.

Approach to SCTEX from Subic-Tipo Expressway


very light traffic

Max speed is 100KPH. I actually had a safety vehicle come up behind me and turn on his police style lights until I slowed down to 100kph.

The only exit is at Dinalupihan.


lots of open road

This is the only exit with signs of construction. Unfortunately it is close to Dinalupihan and a long way from Clark

Only about 15 minutes from Subic Mt. Arayat comes into view

Just west of Clark is another exit with no signs of construction

Nice view of Mt Arayat


Approaching the Friendship gate, but sadly it will take over 30 minutes to get back here off the SCTEX.

Friendship area from the SCTEX

less than 1 mile to the main gate, but 30+ minutes by road!


Thursday, May 22, 2008     

Aussie robbed, killed               By Reynaldo G. Navales

ANGELES CITY -- An Australian national was killed inside his apartment at Villasol Subdivision in Barangay Anunas here, a police official said.  The victim was identified as Keith Joseph Cook, 68, of Unit 3 Jessie Magbag Apartment 4-26, California Street, Villasol Subdivision, Barangay Anunas in this city.  Chief Inspector Rene Aspe of the Angeles police said Cook's body was chopped into several pieces and placed inside a traveling bag before it was left inside his own room by three suspects.

The suspects were identified as Jay Cris Magtalon, 27; Kiko (not his real name), 17; and Rose Marie Velasquez, 31. The three are presently residing at Unit 4 of said apartment where the slaying transpired.  Chief Inspector Luisito Tan, Angeles Police-Station 4 deputy police chief, disclosed that the murder was committed during the heavy rains on Saturday night.  The suspects were arrested inside their apartment by policemen here after a witness, Apple Jenny Dagumdan, 20, decided to report the incident to police authorities in Olongapo City where she lives. The witness is the sister of Kiko and stepsister of Magtalon.

Dagumdan claimed that she and her boyfriend, Jayson Haman, visited the suspects in their apartment a day prior to the crime. According to her, she saw her stepbrother Magtalon and little brother wearing gloves and both armed with knives.  The two told her that they will be going to rob and kill Cook, who lives next door.  Dagumdan said Magtalon threatened to kill her and her boyfriend if they tell anybody about their plan.

Terrified, Dagumdan and Haman decided to hastily go home to Olongapo City. Bothered by their conscience, they finally reported the incident to the Olongapo City Police after four days. Aspe said they received information last Tuesday that a male foreigner was found dead inside his apartment. While cordoning the foul-smelled crime scene, he received a call from the Olongapo City Police that a witness (Dagumdan) to the crime had reported the incident.

Upon getting the full details from his colleagues in Olongapo City, Aspe and his men proceeded to the victim's neighboring apartment to seize the suspects, who tried to lock themselves inside but were eventually arrested. The victim's body was taken to the Indiongco Funeral Parlor for autopsy.

Superintendent Felixberto Castillo (center), officer-in-charge of the Angeles City Police Office, presents to the media live-in partners Jay Cris Magtalon and Marie Velasquez, main suspects in the gruesome murder of Australian Keith Joseph Cook. (Sun.Star Pampanga/Chris Navarro)


According to Harry the Horse the killers got away with a  computer monitor, speakers, IPOD, and an MP3 player.  They also obtained a laptop but ended up burning it because it was already covered with the victim's blood.

Monday, June 09, 2008
Robbers kill businessman

MABALACAT -- Three motorcycle-riding men shot dead a businessman in a village of this Pampanga town last Friday afternoon and carted away the P191,000 the victim had just withdrawn from a bank in Balibago, Angeles City.

Members of the Citizens Crime Watch-Pampanga led by Eddie Boy Santos, who cordoned off the crime scene, identified the victim as Bernardo Faelnan, 61, resident of Villa Teodora Subdivision in Barangay Dau. 

Investigation showed that at 1:20 p.m., the victim was driving his Mitsubishi Space Gear on his way home from the bank. Upon reaching a curb along Dona Anicia Subdivision, armed men flagged him down and banged on his window.

Sensing danger, Faelnan drove away. The robbers fired three times at the retreating vehicle, and one bullet hit the Space Gear's front tire while the other hit Faelnan on the left side of the body.

The victim's vehicle rammed onto an electric post.

The still unidentified men then ran towards the vehicle and destroyed its left front window. They took the bag containing the P191,000 and fled in the direction of McArthur Highway. They even waved their guns as if warning bystanders and witnesses that they were armed and ready to shoot anybody who would stand in their way.

Bystanders rushed the victim to the nearby San Rafael Hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival by attending physicians.

Witnesses said the robbers' faces were covered with handkerchiefs.

Policemen later found three empty shells of a .45 mm caliber pistol in the crime scene.

A few days ago, four unidentified carjackers stole a Honda tricycle owned by Nicolas de Leon. It was parked in front of his residence in Sitio Talimundok, also in Barangay Dau, which is just some 100 meters away from a police station.

Also last week, armed robbers broke into a residence in Barangay Dau, hogtied the housewife of a foreigner, and carted away money, jewelry, and other valuable items.

Concerned citizens here revealed that there are a number of unreported crime incidents in the town. "Many victims choose not to report to the police anymore because they feel that nothing fruitful would happen even if they report (the incidents) to the police," a community peace and order brigade member in Barangay Dau said.
Another increase in the minimum wage!  In early June the minimum wage will be increased again for the 3rd time in less than a year.  This makes the minimum wage we pay our trained employees P291.00 a day vs. P55 a day when we opened our doors 15 years ago.  Despite strong labor laws you'd be surprised how few businesses in the Philippines actually pay their employees the minimum wage.  When you dine at Margarita Station you can rest assured that our employees get paid at or above the minimum wage. Additionally, they all receive overtime pay, holiday pay, and a proper 13th month bonus at Christmas time.  This "small" increase in the minimum wage will raise our annual operating expenses by approximately $12, 380.
The SOUTHERN CROSS SHUTTLE BUS has a new schedule. This comfortable bus now makes daily runs between Angeles & Manila and also daily rips between Angeles & Subic.   See schedule ---------->

I have received so many good comments on this bus that I may break down and take the bus down to Manila one day soon just to see what all the buzz is about.

ANOTHER SUBIC SHUTTLE SERVICE:  The Arizona Hotel has announced a daily Baloy Beach--Angeles shuttle service.  They will be utilizing a new 2008 Toyota Hi-Ace 14 passenger van.  The van will depart Baloy Beach at 10 am and depart Angeles at 12:30 pm.  Cost will be P400 each way.

Click on Photo for lots more photos and info

Speaking of SUBIC!  I recently had the good fortune to visit the WILD ORCHID BEACH RESORT on Baloy Beach for their grand opening.  This is the first hotel in this area that is truly a modern resort hotel with top shelf rooms.  If you are looking for a cheap room in the Barrio, then this isn't for you.  But, if you want spotlessly clean rooms, good air conditioners, large LCD TV's with DVD player, a jacuzzi, and the best swimming pool on the west coast of Luzon, then this is the place for you.  And soon they will have the Barefoot Bar open right on the shore of Subic Bay.

On 8 June the Bahay-Pagibig (Home of the Abandoned, Poor and sick) celebrated their 20th anniversary.  This is JC's favorite charity in the Angeles area.  The home currently houses about 70 elderly Filipinos from all areas of the Philippines.  It is run buy the Archdiocese of San Fernando and it is staffed by some great volunteers.  They keep the facility spotless and provide the best they can for the residents, but they are not over-funded like some local charities. On the 8th our kitchen prepared a special meal of mild Thai noodles, fried bananas, fresh corn in butter sauce, homemade pickles and some cake for desert.  Then we loaded up a some of the staff, Dennis from Roadies with his sons,  and JC's mom and we spent the lunch hour with the residents.  It amazes me on each visit to see some of my waitresses sit down, without being asked, and feed those that can't feed themselves.  I'm working with Neil from Stargate and the folks at the Wild Orchid Inn Group to make our next visit even better.


Keith Cook, 68 year old Australian.  See "other news" above
John Mytko, a 63 years old retired USAF NCO,  was buried on 17 May.  John passed away from multiple organ failure.
Grace, who has handled the outdoor bar at The Alaska Club since it opened in 2005,  passed away on Friday,6/13/08, apparently of liver cancer.  She was also a long-time waitress at Alaska's predecessor, The Bahama Mama's Outdoor Bar.


SERVICED HOUSE FOR RENT  It is now fully booked thru 1 Sep 2008.  We only have one,  so book early.   You can rent one bedroom and have the entire house to yourself, or a group of 3 guys can have a party house much cheaper than 3 hotel rooms.   You'll probably want to rent a Balibago Buggie or a motorcycle, but trikes are available close to the house. For more details see

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Please Support the businesses that supported our fund raiser for Tom Donnelly.

Zapata's  Home of the best Mexican food on Luzon.  Located on Perimeter Road just past the Phoenix Hotel.  Open Tuesday thru Sunday's.  Largest selections of tequila and hot sauces in the Philippines.
C'Italian  Hands down the best Italian restaurant  in Angeles City. If you want a perfectly prepared meal served in pleasant surroundings, then C'Italian Dining is your best choice.  The flank steak is the best beef dish in Angeles city! Perfect  and tender every time.
Wild Orchid  The Wild Orchid was Tom's favorite place to spend his days off.  A great pool with good food and ice cold San Miguel, who could want more?  In May the Wild Orchid started replacing all the queen size beds with new king size beds.  And, on the 17th of May Wild Orchid SUBIC opened in Barrio Baretto.  From the looks of the rooms and pool,  this will become the #1 place to stay in the Subic/Baretto area.
SEAIR   Daily flights from Clark to Boracay and twice a week Clark to Busuanga.
Champagne Group  The Champagne group no longer has a website.  But, when you are in Angeles visit Champagne, Camelot, Lancelot and Brown Sugar.  Also, we recommend their rooms at the Royal Apartelle
Palmera Gardens  One of my favorite places to relax.  Palmera Gardens is located on a uncongested beach in Iba, Zambales.  A great place to relax in the sun and to have a quiet dinner at the end of the day while watching the sun set over the South China Sea.

Swagman Manila   A classic Manila hotel located near the US Embassy.  Swagman also operates a daily bus service between Angeles and Manila and a bus service between Angeles and Subic 4 days a week.  The entire operation is now for sale - see
Angeles Beach Club Hotel  This Angeles hotel has some of the best hotel rooms in Angeles City.  All the rooms are quiet due to superb sound-proofing.  The large rooms have huge mattresses with quality bedding.  There is Wi-fi access throughout the hotel, but perhaps the best amenity is the least advertised -- the limo service.  All guests can avail of free transportation throughout Angeles in one of the hotels many late model cars.  No other hotel in Angeles offers such a free limo service.
Medgar   The Medgar Hotel is an American owned and operated Apartelle located very close to Margarita Station and the checkpoint area.   One of the few hotels in Angeles with kitchen facilities and US mattresses.      For more photos of the Medgar, click on the logo on the left.
Arizona  With our longtime friend Bernd now managing the Arizona Hotel in Barrio Baretto I can now  recommend this hotel without visiting (although I plan to stop in soon).  Bernd is a superb chef and an excellent manager that has the ability to make any guest feel at home.
Roadhouse  Home of quality Rock & Roll (and more than a few dancers).  One of the few Angeles City bar web pages with monthly updates.  This is a RAP FREE ZONE!   One of the better happy hours in town, but don't show up if you aren't in the drinking mood.


Tequila Reef    Mexican Specialties are only the tip of the iceberg at Tequila Reef in Pattaya, Thailand.  First and foremost among items are the best Bar-B-Q-Pork Ribs in town, guaranteed to simply “fall off the bone”.  Look no further for Great Steaks, Fresh Seafood, Louisiana “Cajun” Specialties, Burgers, Sandwiches and Thai Food.  We feature a full bar with all your favorite spirits, wine and beer including “Corona”, the beer of Mexico.  Don’t leave without trying our famous frozen, fresh fruit blended or “hand shaken” Margaritas and Daiquiris.  Simply not to be missed.   Additionally, our “Exotic” drink menu features wide variety of tropical drinks and “shooters” plus a special section of “Erotic” drinks.

Rick's Cafe has closed it's doors, but the internet gift business is still alive.  If you want to send a gift to someone in Angeles or elsewhere in the Philippines, Rick's is the original of the Philippines with a great reputation for getting the gifts there and sending you a photo of the recipient with the gift.


Stargate  One of the last stops on Perimeter Road (Actually Don Juico Blvd), this is a great bar with a full staff of friendly girls. 
Roadies   Sister bar to Stargate, this bar located near the Clarkton Hotel. Now with the stupidest happy hour in town - free local drinks Mon, Wed, & Friday from 5-6 pm.
Honey Ko's    One of the most popular bars on Perimeter Road for the last few years, they serve one of the largest rum & cokes in town for only P50.  Open at 2 pm this is a popular EXPAT bar with a great staff.
Rhapsody & La Bamba   Sister clubs located in central Fields Ave.  Both of these bars have been around for years and have a strong following.  I prefer these cozy, friendly bars to the big glitzy, impersonal clubs. 

La Bamba opens early in the afternoon and a second shift comes in about 6 pm.  Rhapsody, next door, opens at 6pm and stays busy until late.

Subic Seaplane, Inc.      Charter flights from Subic Bay Freeport Zone to almost any place in the Philippines                           Phone: +63 47 2522230                                    Cell: +63 919 3251106