S M  opens on Clark

Shoe Mart opened on schedule on 12 May 2006. SM is located right inside the old main gate.  They have built a pedestrian walkway from the park straight into the second floor of the mall.  This mall will undoubtedly have a major impact on Angeles City.  Let's hope it is all good.
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Rick's Internet Cafe  opens in Margarita Station

Rick has renovated the old Checkmark internet cafe and reopened.  He has brought the best of his staff and his ideas from his old cafe near the Dollhouse.  Stop in and give this internet cafe a try.  One of the lowest hourly rates in town and the best air-conditioning of any cafe I've been in around town.

For more on his services, click on the link  Rick's Cafe

Dialysis Center  opens at Friendship

Feeling a little poorly? Just pop down to Friendship for a steam bath, some time in a jacuzzi, or how about a little dialysis?  Osama swears by this place - no long waiting lines.