A few additions/corrections to the May 2005 newsletter

AMEGA TRAVEL:  has relocated to one of the offices above Checkmark Internet Cafe in the rear of Margarita Station.  Several close friends have been using her for years and highly recommended her,  I was recently surprised when she beat the price of my long-time travel agent in Manila.  The agency is run by Ms. Edna Manansala.  The phone number is 63-45-892- 6929.  Her e-mail is:  amega15@yahoo.com



WISE GUYS:   Only been open a short-time, but time for change #1.  It is now called Crazy Horse.  They added ten new girls this week and will have a grand opening party on Friday May 6. Bar hours are 12pm -11pm (dancers start at 2 pm).   Local Drinks are P45. Happy Hour is 4-6 when local drinks are P35.  Located past Honey Ko's just before the turn off to the VFW.  And, my reliable sources were wrong....Jung has no connection with this club.


MORE PRICE INCREASES??: For people unhappy with the increasing prices in the clubs,  watch out! Electric rates are scheduled for another increase - this time 42%. I cannot imagine any air-conditioned club not raising their prices with two increases in the last 6 months from San Miguel, an increase to minimum wage (some clubs do pay waitresses, bartenders, DJ's etc IAW the Labor Code) and now a large increase in electric.

TIGER AIRWAYS INCREASES FLIGHT TO CLARK:   SINGAPORE (AFP) - Singapore budget carrier Tiger Airways said Thursday it will increase its services to the Philippines to five flights a week from three starting June 6 due to strong demand.   Tiger Airways chief executive Tony Davis said the carrier's flights to the Philippines are already fully booked until June.  Tiger Airways began flights to Clark Field, 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Manila, on April 5. Clark Field is a former US air base converted into a commercial airport.  Tickets for a one-way trip for travel July 1-August 31 are selling as low as 14.98 Singapore dollars (9.0 US), excluding taxes and other charges, according to the Tiger Airways website.  A one-way ticket to Manila on Philippine Airlines costs 310 dollars. On Singapore Airlines, it will cost 480 dollars.
More than 90,000 Filipinos reside in Singapore, according to the Philippine embassy. Singapore is also used as a travel hub by Filipinos working in other countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.  Tiger Airways is 49-percent owned by Singapore Airlines.