Nov 2008

March 2009 Hotel Availability:  Several of the major hotels have told us they are already fully booked in March.  According to our sources there are large groups of Malaysians booking blocks of rooms for the entire month.  If you are planning a visit to Angeles in March, I recommend you book your rooms ASAP.

Hotel Security for your Valuables:  For the second time in recent months I have had a visitor tell me that he had money removed from his hotel safe.  This one was in an in-room safe and another was from a safe in the hotel lobby.  In both cases they took only a percentage of the cash, not all of it.  Many guys might not notice if their pile of pisos isn't quite as big as it was yesterday.  You can prevent this by buying a locking cash bag. They are available at all major office supply stores in America, Australia, England, etc.  I use one when I'm on the road even with an in-room safe.

Cebu Pacific Booking Problems:  With the advent of direct flights between Clark (Angeles) and Bangkok many people including me have tried to book flights through their website.  Unless you have a Philippine VISA card with "verified by VISA," don't waste your time trying to book through the Cebu Pacific website. The website will not accept any credit cards from that don't have "verified by Visa," which means virtually all non-Philippine VISA cars will be denied.  I've been trying to get a local travel agent that can assist with booking these flights, but so far I haven't found a good one in Angeles that understands the problem.  If you need one on the Bangkok end, you can try Noemi @ Dinero Tours (email: ).  She is a Filipino lady that I have used for may years and I've never had a problem with a ticket I bought through her agency.



JOIN US IN MAKING IT A MERRY CHRISTMAS AT BAHAY PAG_IBIG (House of Prayer): As I mentioned in our last newsletter, at Margarita Station we are starting to collect donations that we can give to the 70+ residents of the old folks home (BAHAY PAG_IBIG House of Prayer) in Angeles for Christmas.  Our goal is to get them all at least a pair of flip flops, a toiletries bag, some SUGAR FREE candies, a bath towel and, of course, a nice holiday dinner.

One generous guy has already donated enough flip flops for almost all  the residents [Thanks Lady Pinay and Puddles].  Another guy has given us enough cash to buy a bag for each resident for their toiletries [Thanks Delmar].   We are planning on filling these bags with soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc. Still one more of  the newsletter subscribers is sending me several big bags of toiletries he has collected from hotel rooms.  [Thanks Van!]   What a great idea!  We can't possibly get too much of this stuff for these needy people.  Anyone coming to Angeles can drop off a bag of toiletries or other donations with our cashier.  Just tell her it is for the old folks Christmas box.  This will become a permanent collection, so we will take this type of items even after Christmas.

So the next time you are in a store in Angeles and you have a little extra cash, pick up a few cheap flip flops or a medium size bath towel and drop it off with the Margarita Station cashier.  And yes, we will take cash donations.  Just leave your email address with the cashier and I'll send you a link to photos from Christmas and tell you what we uses your donation to buy.

Speaking of the BAHAY PAG_IBIG (House of Prayer),  we took them another lunch feed on the last Saturday in October. This time the Wild Orchid and the Orchid Inn assisted us by donating some great potato salad and baked macaroni.  The residents always seem happy when they see meat in their lunch, so this time I decided to give them hot dogs on a stick.  Numerous residents said "American food" when they saw the meal.  I intended it to be a picnic lunch, but to them since there was no rice, it was American food, lol.  Whatever you call it, they ate every bite they were served.  Thanks to the Orchid Group the meal consisted of  BBQ hot dogs, coleslaw, potato salad, baked macaroni, fried bananas, packaged juice and ice cream.  Needless to say, that was a great step up from the standard cup of noodles they often have for lunch, especially as they all got seconds on anything they wanted.

Photos from this month's visit


NEWSLETTER FEEDBACK: My last newsletter wasn't meant to be all doom & gloom. But, I also won't sugar coat the bad news.  If it may effect your next vacation to Angeles I will report what I know.   Despite the negatives in the last newsletter I felt these two guys had it about right:

" is not easy anywhere, but if I had my choice, I'd rather be in  the PI. ////thanks again and take care".......Steve

"If I was given to chance to live free anywhere else in the world, I'd stay here in Angeles.  It's that comfortable"  Jack H (Angeles)


I reiterate that Palmera Beach Resort Hotel is still one of the best places to go there for a vacation.  I do it for my daughter as she likes it and it is not as expensive as Boracay. Mike M. Lubbock, Texas    I second that endorsement.  Palmera Gardens is a great place for a "get away."   And with the new road I may just have to schedule a visit soon.  JC



CAMBODIA was never a favorite club  for me until the restructuring of the Blue Nile Group.  Now it has to be the best party bar in the main entertainment distinct.  Make sure to stop in after about 10 pm and see the BAD INFLUENCE dancers.
GECKO's is also IMO one of the best bars on Fields Ave right now.  They have a huge lineup and the staff all seem to have a great attitude. The bar opens at 2 pm and rocks until late at night.

ROADHOUSE now has WILD WEDNESDAY's and TGIF every week.  2 for 1 drinks, finger snacks, and great music (no techno or rapp) for us old farts.

The BODY SHOP is now having a Howl at the Moon party on the second Tuesday of every month.  Free snacks and more fun.
The BEST PIZZA IN TOWN:  IMO is the pizza in Angeles right now is from the bistro in front of Carousel.  Often available for free in Cambodia Club when the bar is rockin'.

TEQUILA REEF:  Construction of the Tequila Reef Cantina on the corner of Real Street and Santos Street is on schedule for a January opening.  For individuals that want to see construction progress you can go to:   Despite all the rumors, this is not a Margarita Station project.  The restaurant will be owned and operated by the same individuals that operate Tequila Reef Cantina in Pattaya.


The tourist police have been disbanded, but groups of new security forces have been spotted on patrol in the main tourist district.


21 November is slated for the Grand Opening of the GOLDEN NILE.  This opening has been delayed by over a year by the break up of the Blue Nile Group and other problems.  But, they finally have the business license, the certification for the elevator and construction has been completed.  This is Angeles so it is still possible the opening may be slipped again, but the opening is finally  imminent.

HAPPY ROCK is closed and For Sale!


PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOURSELF!  Gecko's has reduced the price on their  calendars (Sept 2008 - Dec 2009).  This is the first calendar featuring Angeles girls in about 12 years and only a limited number were printed.  When the first printing is sold out there won't be a second printing, so if you want one  you'd better get one soon.   All photos are safe for displaying on the wall of your home or office.   You can pick up the calendars in Margarita Station and of course at Gecko's/

Long time EXPAT Tourist Bob has started a new website: ACExpat. Lots of good stuff there--restaurant reviews, local shopping, local activities, news, special interest articles, links, etc. There will be more to come, (new articles, updates, new features, etc.). The main focus right now is on Angeles City, but Subic also comes into play, and other destinations are in the works. The site is a work in progress, and still has a rough edge or two, but it's well worth a look. Both locals and visitors should find the site an interesting read and a good source of info.   He's even got an article about Margarita Station (LINK).

Monday, October 06, 2008
Tension at public market  By Ian Ocampo Flora

ANGELES CITY -- Fish vendors of Pampang Public Market here expressed opposition over the move of the City Government to renovate their stalls, which resulted in a temporary gridlock between the vendors and City Hall employees. Around 40 fish vendors trooped to the fish section of the public market recently after City Hall enforced the alleged order of Mayor Francis Nepomuceno to start renovation and rehabilitation works at the said section of the market.

Tess Maniacup, leader of the public market association here, said they asked the City Hall to defer the rehabilitation works until next month. She also decried the lack of an enabling ordinance and the non-serving of a notice for them to have ample time to vacate their stalls. Maniacup and other fish vendors earlier sought the help of the City Council, but to no avail. Last Tuesday afternoon, City Hall employees and dozens of policemen led by Chief Inspector Roger Tomen proceeded to fence the said area of the public market. The fish vendors staged their protest, along with Vice Mayor Vicky Vega Cabigting and minority Councilors Maricel Morales and Jay Sangil, among others.

But for Tomen and the City Hall workers, the order for the renovation of the stalls has long been shelved because of the opposition of the fish vendors. He explained that the fish vendors would be given a temporary relocation site along the east side of the public market. "The city wants this area to fit sanitation standards," Tomen said as he pointed to the drainage area and the poor state of the concrete stalls, which cater to some 100 fish vendors.

In a separate interview with Nepomuceno, he said "a little sacrifice" is all it takes to make the fish market area more conducive to buyers. "If we don't do this now, then when? We need to sacrifice a little," Nepomuceno said assuring that the project will be completed in 22 days.

But for Maniacup, the plan lacked the necessary consultation. She also said the rumors that they would be asked to pay for the renovated stalls must be answered by the City Hall. Ligaya Guzman, 54, a fish vendor here, said the temporary relocation stalls were small and not within the direction of customers who frequent the public market. She added that most of the vendors have been hearing talks of additional payments and other would-be payments after the renovation.

Sunday, October 12, 2008
Roaring US fighter jets terrify kids

MABALACAT -- It was rainy outside while five-year-old Trisha Carlos was watching the cartoon network channel inside her auntie's home here last Friday afternoon. Suddenly a continuous thundering sound roared from the sky. The girl ran towards her auntie, shouting: "Tita, Tita, ano yun?!" She cried and she was struggling to cover her ears.  Unsure what was causing the ultra loud noise, her auntie went outside the garage to check it out. Her neighbors in Barangay Dau also did the same. Other children in the neighborhood were also "terrified" by the sounds coming from two F/A-18 Hornets fighter jets above. The noise, according to folk here, was different and more "nerve-wracking" than the sonic booms of the loud F-4 Phantom fighter jets that ruled the sky here from 1970s to 1980s when the American Armed Forces still occupy the Clark Air Base here.

In Barangay Sta. Inez, elementary pupils from various public schools in this town were especially terrified by the ultra loud aircraft noise. The children were at the covered court for the opening ceremonies of the Cub Scout sports fest. "Teacher Deth," one of the mentors supervising the schoolchildren, said the latter got scared of the noise produced by the low-flying fighter jets.  "The kids were frightened. They wonder what the loud noise was. Even the village chief went out due to the loud noise caused by jets that flying low, it could almost touch the covered court's ceiling," she said.

It was learned that the jets were F/A 18 from the US Armed Forces. It will participate in the upcoming joint RP-US bilateral training exercises on October 15 in the former US military base.  In a press statement from the US Embassy in Manila, it said: "US and Philippine militaries will start their annual bilateral exercises called Talon Vision and Amphibious Landing Exercise (PHIBLEX) with a ceremony on Wednesday, October 15 at Clark Air Base in Pampanga."  The two-week training is set to be held simultaneously in various locations in northern Luzon. The US Embassy said the bilateral exercises are designed to improve interoperability, increase readiness, and continue professional relationships between the United States and Philippine armed forces.

"US and Philippine military personnel participating in the exercises will also conduct joint community relations activities in selected local communities. These activities include medical and dental missions, school construction, classroom repairs and painting, and community beautification projects," the statement said.  It added: "US Marines from the Japan-based 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force and US sailors from the Essex Expeditionary Strike Group will participate in both ground-air and naval integration training with the Armed Forces of the Philippines." The F/A-18 Hornets are being used by the US Navy and the US Marine Corps. (JM)

Thursday, October 09, 2008
Jeweler gunned down
By Jovi T. de Leon

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- A small-scale gold buyer and watch repairman was gunned down at 7:45 a.m. Wednesday as he was opening his ambulant stall in front of the Candaba Kitchenette along Consunji Street in this city.  Police identified the victim as Ariel Malungkot, 30, of Villa Barosa II in Dolores village here.  Malungkot, whom investigators said was a nephew of a barangay captain of this city, was fatally shot in the back of the head and his right chest.

Police chief Benjamin Medina said he personally rushed to the crime scene upon receiving reports of the early morning incident and led its investigation.  According to Medina, initial investigation showed that as the victim was getting ready to open his watch repair stall, a man dressed in a red shirt and his face partially covered with an orange bull cap, approached Malungkot and shot from behind, hitting the back of his head with bullet exiting in the forehead.  The assailant, the police chief said, finished off the victim with a second shot to the chest.

Witnesses meanwhile said the gunman walked casually towards the direction of Barangay San Jose after shooting the victim. No empty shells were recovered from the crime scene.

Medina said they have yet to determine the motive behind the killing of Malungkot as the city police's Scene-of-the-Crime Operatives (Soco) immediately went to action upon his instruction.   Medina vowed to dig deeper into the case and confirm information regarding the character of the victim and his assailant. He also alerted Cambilans (police visibility outposts) within the vicinity of the crime scene to look out for the gunman and his possible cohorts.  Witnesses described the gunmen as short, wearing a red t-shirt, and a red cap that was drawn down to cover half of his face.

Vendors near the victim's stall said they were shocked upon learning that Malungkot was killed, as they described him to be simple and helpful. The victim had many regular customers or "suki."  Aside from repairing watches, they said the victim was into buying and selling broken gold and silver jewelry and old coins.  "Occasionally," vendors said, the victim "would accept expensive watches, which customers pawn for a price."  A fellow watch repairman near his stall said he saw the victim enter the adjacent café and fix himself up in front of a mirror prior to the shooting. He said he heard the gunshots but did not see the victim's assailant.

The family and relatives of Malungkot refused to comment on the incident as they took the victim's body to Tumang funeral parlor.

Thursday, October 09, 2008
Traffic to be re-routed along Clark's M.A. Roxas Highway

CLARK FREEPORT -- The Clark Development Corporation (CDC) has announced the traffic re-routing along M.A. Roxas Highway (formerly Mitchell Highway) here Thursday to give way to the construction of Subic-Clark-Tarlac access road.

"As part of our continuing infrastructure development program, please be informed that the Road Construction of MA Roxas and Spur Road 2 Clark South Interchange Crossing Panday Pira Access Road and Clark South Interchange, Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway Project, Package-2 Clark-Tarlac Section shall commence on October 9," CDC president Benigno Ricafort said in a memorandum circular. 

Ricafort said the road construction will be done in two stages: The first stage is expected to be completed on November 30, while the second phase is expected to be completed by the end of February next year.  "Consequently, a traffic re-routing scheme will be implemented for the entire duration of the above activities," he added. But CDC traffic enforcers will be deployed in the area to provide motorists a safe travel inside the freeport, the CDC president said.

Ricafort also asked for the public's patience during the duration of the construction period, as the infrastructure project will benefit locators and visitors of the industrial estate 5 area.  The construction of the project will also provide transit access to the SCTEx to and from Subic Bay Freeport and Tarlac province.
Thursday, October 23, 2008
Aeronautics board okays more Clark flights
By Reynaldo G. Navales

CLARK FREEPORT -- Officials of the Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) and the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) on Wednesday announced the approval of additional international flights to three local carriers at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) here.  CIAC President Victor Jose Luciano and CAB board member Rene Diaz said they recently approved air entitlements for DMIA where local carriers will commission daily flights in foreign countries and local destinations before the year ends.

The local carriers include South East Asian Airlines (Seair), Zest Air (formerly Asian Spirit), and Air Philippines. Luciano said Seair has been granted by the CAB board 1,260 seats to mount Clark-Hong Kong flights daily.  Seair also got 2,520 seats to fly to Macau. This is equivalent to two flights daily at the 2,500-hectare Civil Aviation Complex here. Luciano said this is a result of a series of Air Consultation Talks between the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Seair will also fly to Thailand with 1,260 seats and four flights daily.

The air carrier plans to fly to Palawan and then to Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei. It also plans to fly to Zamboanga and Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia.  "Clark will now be link not only to Mindanao but also to the Southern Asean neighbors of Brunei and Malaysia," Luciano added.

Diaz commended Transportation and Communication Undersecretary Doroteo Reyes for initiating the Air Consultation Talks with Hong Kong, Thaliand, Macau, Canada, Finland, Cambodia and other countries. He said Clark will have more flights to Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong as a result of the successful air talks initiated by the CAB.

Zest Air, on the other hand, was granted 1,260 seats to Hong Kong flights daily. It also earned 2,520 seats to Macau daily and to Thailand twice a day.

Air Philippines also got two flights per week to Macau.

"This is very important because this dramatizes that the policy of President (Gloria-Macapagal) Arroyo of trying to offer more opportunities for the region to attract tourism, trade and investment are beginning to pay-off," Diaz said.
Monday, November 03, 2008
4 SCTEx interchanges 'still on track'

CLARK FREEPORT -- The most sought-after interchanges for the province that will link up various towns and this Freeport to the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx) are "still" on track, an official said. Secretary Edgardo Pamintuan said the Clark North interchange would be opened before December this year.  "We want to link our rural communities to the SCTEx. This, in turn, would spur the needed developments in these areas were the interchanges will rise. So far, the approach to the Clark North Interchange is being constructed," he said.

The construction of the said interchanges is estimated at P200 million each. It is also expected to directly link the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) and the Freeport to the P27.7 billion SCTEx. At least P1 billion will be poured into the construction of the new interchanges along SCTEx that include a new one in Floridablanca, one in Porac, and two in Clark, near Mabalacat.

"As we keep on saying, we want to open the interchanges just before the end of the President's term in 2010, but the Clark North Interchange would be opened to the public as a sort of an early Christmas and New Year gift," Pamintuan added. SCTEx is expected to play an important role in the development of the mega-logistics and services hub in the Subic-Clark Corridor, with Subic as site of a deep-sea port and Clark as site of an international airport.

Thursday, November 06, 2008
US$100M MRO project starts at Clark airport
By Reynaldo G. Navales
CLARK FREEPORT -- The SIA Engineering Philippines, in partnership with Cebu Pacific Air, will lead Thursday the groundbreaking rites for the establishment of a US$100-million Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility at the Clark Civil Aviation Complex here.

Officials of the Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) led by president Victor Jose Luciano, SIA Engineering Company headed by president William Tan and Cebu Pacific president Lance Gokongwei will lead the ceremony as well as the time capsule-laying for the multi-million dollar project.

The MRO facility will service long-haul commercial aircraft at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA), which is being eyed as the next premier gateway of the Philippines.  "The MRO fulfills the vision of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to make Clark a leading world-class service hub in the Asia Pacific Region," Luciano said.  Gokongwei said the world-class MRO facility at Clark will further enhance aerospace in the Philippines.   "With SIA Engineering Company's MRO proficiency, we will certainly develop the local talent pool of aerospace management and engineering personnel," he said.  He added that a heavy maintenance facility in the Philippines will significantly enhance Cebu Pacific Air's dispatch reliability and engineering quality.

SIA Engineering (Philippines) Corporation is 65-percent owned by the SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC). Cebu Pacific Air has a 35-percent stake in the joint venture.

Expected to attend the ground-breaking ceremonies are SIAEC Senior Vice-President (SVP) for Services Chan Seng Yong; SVP for Line Maintenance and Business Development Jack Kho; SVP for Aircraft and Component Services Ivan Neo; General Manager for the Philippines Lim Kim Yong; JG Summit Chairman Emeritus John Gokongwei; and, JG Summit Chairman James Co.  Other CIAC officials who will accompany Luciano are Executive Vice-President Alexander Cauguiran; Vice-President for Operations and General Manager Bienvenido Manga; Vice-President for Administration and Finance Romeo Dyoco Jr.; and CIAC Board Chairman Nestor Mangio.

The project involves the construction of three large hangars that will service long-haul commercial aircraft at a 10-hectare property inside the airport.  The first hangar will service narrow-bodied aircraft such as the Airbus 320 while the second and third will service wide-bodied aircraft like the Boeing 747s and 777s.  The facility will generate at least 1,000 jobs in the construction phase. It is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2009.   The MRO will complement the development of the DMIA as a logistic and service hub as envisioned by Arroyo. Luciano stressed that the MRO is an integral part of the operations of the DMIA because it can now handle the maintenance, repair and overhaul of legacy carriers in the Asian region.

A part of the Singapore Airlines Group, SIAEC provides maintenance services for the more than 60 international carriers operating at Singapore's Changi International Airport, including airframe and component overhaul on some of the most advanced, widely-used commercial aircraft in the world.  SIAEC's line maintenance support extends to more than 40 countries such as Australia, China, Indonesia and the Philippines.   SIAEC services at least 80 international carriers and aerospace equipment manufacturers.  It has 20 certifications from airworthiness authorities around the world with six hangars and 22 in-house workshops in Singapore, which provide complete MRO services in airframe, component, engine, aircraft conversions and modifications for major airlines from four continents.

In April 4, 2008, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between CIAC, SIAEC, and Cebu Pacific Air for the establishment of a world-class MRO facility at the Clark airport.  The agreement was signed during the inauguration of the expanded DMIA Passenger Terminal in the presence of the President.
Aussies 'held captive' in Philippines
The Australian owner of a luxury resort in the Philippines says he and his family are being held captive by a band of armed thugs.

Australian Greg Hutchinson said about a dozen "thugs" brandishing automatic weapons entered the grounds of the SandCastles resort on Boracay island last night, forcing staff and guests to flee.  Speaking by phone, Hutchinson said he and his family are being held captive in their apartment next to the resort.  "We were in our third-floor apartment when they barged in wearing ski masks and forced our guests and staff to leave," Hutchinson said.   "As far as I know no shots were fired but they terrified the hell out of the staff and guests."  He said electricity and telephone connections to his apartment, which is next to the resort, have been cut and the emergency exit blocked with an industrial gas cylinder.  "It's terrifying for my wife, Viveca, and five-year-old twins," Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson, who helped build Boracay into a world-renowned beach resort, said he'd been the victim of an organised campaign to force him out of Boracay.  "When we opened SandCastles in 1989 there were just 10 resorts here ... now there are over 100," he said.  "This type of intimidation has been going on for three years. We thought it had stopped," he said. "This is the way things are done in the Philippines.  "There are certain elements in the country who wait until you develop something, make a success of it and then they move in and force you out so they can reap the rewards."  The current dispute is over Hutchinson's 30-year lease, which still has 11 years to run.

Boracay police chief Colonel Arnold Ardiente said he had offered Hutchinson and his family safe passage out of the resort but they refused to leave and were waiting for their lawyer.  "It is a civil dispute," he said, denying there were any armed thugs on the premises.  "Police and security guards had been at the resort all night," he said.   AFP

"denying there were any armed thugs on the premises"   "Police had been at the resort all night,"    Enough said!

Airline builds P1B hangar at DMIA

CLARK FREEPORT -- The Spirit of Manila Airlines has started constructing its P1-billion hangar at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) here.   Officials of the Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) led by president Victor Jose Luciano and Spirit of Manila Airlines headed by President Juan Paraiso on Friday held groundbreaking ceremonies for the construction of the world-class facility.  Luciano said the facility will service the aircraft fleet of Spirit of Manila Airlines, which is slated to commence their international flights this November via DMIA.

Spirit of Manila Airlines is a Filipino-owned airline, which decided to operate at Clark as their main hub in the country.

The event was also attended by Transportation and Communication Undersecretary Doroteo Reyes, CIAC Executive Vice President Alexander Cauguiran, Vice President for Operations and DMIA General Manager Bienvenido Manga, and other officials of Spirit of Manila Airlines.  "This a one big hangar costing P1 billion that will service their aircrafts for their operations at Clark and an initial 200 jobs would be generated in this project," Luciano said. Paraiso said the initial investment of the project is US$20 million. The airline would operate an in-house aircraft maintenance center to ensure regular "C" and "D" checks of our aircrafts.  "We are doing this to make sure the airworthiness and safety of our aircraft," Paraiso stressed.

Spirit of Manila is slated to commence international flights via Clark-Taipei and Clark-Macau this month. It is also planning to expand international flights to Japan and Middle East using the Clark airport.   According to Paraiso, the hangar is expected to be completed next year. It will house wide-bodied aircrafts such as the Boeing 747-800 and Airbus A-320.  He added that the hangar can even accommodate the Airbus A380 one of the largest aircrafts in the world.  "The project will complement President (Gloria Macapagal-) Arroyo's vision to develop Clark as logistics and services hub in the Subic-Clark Corridor," he said.

Nepomuceno orders regulation of trike fares

ANGELES CITY -- Mayor Francis "Blueboy" Nepomuceno has directed the Public Transport and Regulatory Office (PTRO) here to strictly enforce an ordinance regulating tricycle fares.

Nepomuceno said there is a need for the strict implementation of City Ordinance 230, series of 2008 otherwise known as "An ordinance amending Ordinance 27, series of 1992 regulating the operation of tricycle by fixing tricycle fares within the city boundaries."  The mayor even appealed to tricycle drivers and operators to charge the riding public in accordance with the fare matrix.

A minimum fare was pegged at P20 for the first kilometer (km) and additional P5 per succeeding km.  For special trip, a minimum fare shall be P20 for the first km and additional P20 for the second km and P10 for the third and succeeding kms.  The ordinance states that students, disabled persons and senior citizens shall be charged a discounted rate of P15 minimum fare and additional P2 per succeeding kilometer.

Drivers and operators are also required to post fare matrix inside their respective tricycles. They are also asked to accept all passengers irrespective of gender, status, age or physical condition.  A driver or operator caught violating any provision of the ordinance will be penalized, Nepomuceno said.

For the first offense, a fine of P1,000 or an imprisonment of one month will be imposed. For the second offense it would be P2,000 or two months imprisonment. And for the third offense, P3,000 fine and six months imprisonment and cancellation of Motorized Tricycle Operators Permit (MTOP).

The fair matrix will eliminate the imposition of different and exorbitant fares to the commuters, according to Nepomuceno.

Clark International Speedway inaugural races on

ON NOVEMBER 15, inaugural races kicks off at the Clark International Speedway (CIS), with the completion of the 1st phase of the 3-phase construction program of the CIS.

The 1st phase -- the 1-kilometer long Drag Strip is now ready to host national competitions with the 8th championship races of the 2008 San Mig Coffee National Drag Racing Championships, running simultaneous with the Opening Round of the 4-Leg Series 2008 Pagcor Philippine Drag Racing Championships-Northern Series.  As part of the celebration of the inauguration of the CIS, there will be Rally Cross and Slalom Races on the following day, November 16, 2008, mixed up with the thrills of Drifting Exhibitions both on November 15 Opening Ceremonies and on the following day, the 16th.

The CIS is the 5th motorsports racetrack in the country built by Kilton Motor Corporation, located more than a hundred kilometers north of Manila and within the Clark Economic Zone in the Province of Pampanga. It boasts of a 3-kilometer engine track with two long straights and few turns with minimal defined uneven terrains.  The construction began early last year and is expected to complete horizontal constructions by 2010, thereby making all races possible -- from motorcycles, superbikes and underbone; touring cars, drag racing and formula races.  Vertical constructions, including grandstands, circuit control tower, hospitality suites and other up-to-international standards facilities are expected to be available a little beyond 2010.  By mid-2009, the one-kilometer go-kart circuit is expected to be ready for races not only of go-karts but underbone motorcycles and superbikes as well. Two years from now, a racing circuit to cater cars and even Formula cars is clearly underway to its target date of completion.

With the strong Corporate support from San Miguel Corporation, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, Yokohama Tires Sales Phils., Inc. and Pagcor Sports; truly promises a bright future not only for the northerners of Metropolitan Manila but to the whole Philippine Motorsports Community.  Envisioning the development of motorsports in the country; for almost two decades, Kilton Motor Corporation have built four motorsports racetrack in the country, two of them are near the Metropolitan Manila -- one in Pasay City -- The Kart Trak Boomland and the other one within the Enchanted Kingdom Theme Park in Sta. Rosa, Laguna -- the Kart Trak-EK.

The third circuit is the first facility built in 1992, which caters go-karting. From the time of its establishment up to present has produced great names in the Karting World and has placed the Philippines in the International Karting Map, hosting international meets and home to the Asian Karting Championships (AKOC).

The fourth circuit and the biggest to date is the Batangas Racing Circuit. For more than ten years of its existence, it has been instrumental to the development of Motorcyle Circuit racing to Car racing and up to Formula three races in the country.

For many years, it has hosted the Philippine Leg of the Asian Formula Three Championships and a home to numerous National Series of Superbikes, Underbone, Touring Car, Grand Touring and Drag Racing.


Bernie Kellas, Australian, past away Oct 31.  Bernie was a regular on the pool tables around Angeles City.
Daddy Ski, as the girls at Thai Hi called him, died on 3 Nov.  He had been very sick for quite a while. Reportedly the reserved sign made by Daddy Derry is still on "Ski's table" and the girls are asking people to sit somewhere else.
Jack McDonald, Capt USN Retired, passed away 10 November, at his home in Florida. Official cause of death not now known but  friends suspect it was liver cancer.  He was being treated for a large tumor on his liver. Jack was a long time Barrio resident, friend and mentor to many, many, retirees in this area. He  oversaw the construction and was hospital administrator for PIH, Health Visions Hospital, in Angeles City, Philippines. He was also the official Retired Affairs Representative from the Philippines to the annual conference in Washington, D.C.  He performed duties as a Notary public for many of the retirees in the area.  
Capt Jack was a tried and true Submariner and his like will be missed.  For many years, He palled around with what I call the "three musketeers",  Capt Don O'Shea, Chief of the Boat, Hap Hernandez, and Himself.  All three have now joined the "Supreme Commander" and they are more than likely either playing golf or making liberty runs somewhere up there.  Capt Jack McDonald has made his "last dive" and we, his friends and shipmates, wish him all the best in his final journey.   


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