October 2006

This newsletter is written and published by members of Margarita Station, a restaurant located in Angeles City, for the information of visitors to Angeles City and for former & current residents of Angeles City Philippines.  The information is obtained from personal observations, local newspapers and  inputs from our friends and customers.  All individuals and local  businesses are welcome to submit items 

   On the afternoon of 6 Oct 2006, only about 16 years since lahar flows from Pinatubo destroyed the bridge to Carmenville, Timog and west Angeles, a permanent (we hope) bridge was finally open for traffic.  Since 1991 there have been two temporary repairs to the damaged Friendship-Carmenville bridge, but finally a new bridge was built and traffic is flowing as good or better than pre-1991.
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Photos by Rick's Cafe 

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The latest Jollibee in Angeles will open on the 13th of October just a few feet off of Fields Ave (1/2 block from Margarita Station).  This is located on the side street connecting Santa Maria and Fields Ave to the main street entering the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ).   This area is already very congested with a traffic pattern that changes every day.  It is one of only two streets that allow cars coming down Perimeter road to access CSEZ and/or Shoe Mart.  Unfortunately, this road is usually one way (toward Fields Ave) in the afternoon.  The only other street connecting to the main road (near Roadhouse) is one way toward the main road and the park.  It is listed as NO RIGHT TURN.  And despite the police station being located on this corner, about 50% of the vehicles make an illegal left turn at this intersection.  Adding the Jollibee to this screwed up traffic flow will be real interesting.

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The new Pacific Breeze Hotel is nearing the end of construction. Current plans call for their "official" opening on 1 December 2006.  This hotel, just off of Santos Street, will be operated by Guy & Roselle from Central Park Hotel.  The room rates are expected to be in the $40-50 range, but they have not committed to a pricing scheme yet. Although they haven't established room rates yet, they are already fully booked for the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  That should be enough to tell everyone that this will be another hotel where you will need to book early.  We can accept reservations, but it will be a few more weeks until we can tell you the room rates. 

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In our September newsletter I reported that the Angeles Beach Club Hotel would open in February 2007.  But, on the 10th I was lucky enough to spot one of the owners on the premises, so I stuck my head in for the real information.  Now this guy has built plenty of spectacular buildings in the Philippines, but I was still amazed at the attention to detail going into this new hotel.  No funny looking cement walls that were finished by some 18 year old kid. Smooth flat finishes, flawless tiles and floorings.  Expensive wallpaper in the rooms. 100% attention to detail. 

When fully open it will have 53 rooms.  The front section will be open by 17 November.  The rest in the back should be open before Christmas.  

Room entry is via electronic key cards, but not standard key cards.  Anytime a door is opened the computer will log what time it was opened and what card number was used to open the door (customer, maid, etc).  Additionally, every time the safe in the room is opened/closed the computer will log the times. This security measure should quickly narrow down who was in the room if anyone ever says they lost something from their room or safe while they were out of the room.

abc11.jpg (38360 bytes) abc15.jpg (42929 bytes) All the rooms have both a shower and a separate bathtub or jacuzzi. Now these aren't your basic jacuzzi's.  They have underwater lights in a variety of colors to match your mood. abc12.jpg (52654 bytes)
abc21.jpg (52165 bytes) All the woodwork is being custom done on the premises. The final products are far superior to any hotel I have visited anywhere in the Philippines (including the 5 star hotels of Manila).  abc16.jpg (47998 bytes) abc13.jpg (48971 bytes)
abc14.jpg (42566 bytes) abc10.jpg (59011 bytes) STANDARD ROOMS:  Pretty hard to call any of these rooms "standard."  Superior double windows so I couldn't detect any street noise, top quality mattresses (no cheap Angeles City specials where you can feel all the springs).  Light controls so you can dim the lights "to make make your late night choice a little easier on the eyes."  Heavy curtains so you can't tell if it is noon or midnight (Great for those day sleepers).  Wall-to-wall carpeting.  And as stated above, an in-room safe with computer record of opening and closing times. abc08.jpg (47882 bytes)

So what is it going to cost to stay at the Beach Club?  Indications are that the standard rooms will be about $99 a night.  BUT, that is the one and only cost.  No 15% fee added for VAT, no extra fee if you want to pay by credit card.  One price with no add on's .... except they will add on breakfast for free.  Got some money burning a hole in your pocket?  No problem, you can take the elevator to one of the largest suites on the top floor.  Huge main room with dining table, comfortable sofas and chairs, private office area, separate toilet/CR, plush bedroom and a huge jacuzzi room with a sauna or steam room.  This party room has everything from TV to champagne buckets.  Cost for the big suite about $500 a night and the slightly smaller and less decadent suite will go for only about $300 a night.

100498.jpg (76358 bytes) The new wing of the Clarkton is scheduled to open in mid October 2006. Details coming soon.
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This hotel across the street from the Dollhouse has been open for several months.  I still haven't talked to anyone that has stayed there, but rumor on the street is they are having a small problem with water from the roof-top jacuzzi leaking down into the rooms.  Additionally, the owners of the Dollhouse have purchased the Vian Lodge.  As of the other day the Vian Lodge had been demolished and the lot is being prepared for construction of a new building.
  I hear this complaint all the time right after people say the drinks in the clubs are too expensive.  All you snivelers need to open your eyes.  The most expensive clubs in Angeles are still cheaper than drinks in go-go clubs in Bangkok or Pattaya. Still plenty of places in Angeles with aircon and dancers where you can get a drink for P 35 (that is 70 cents US).  Where can I get a drink in a dancing bar in Thailand for 70 cents?

Want to visit Angles and stay in a budget hotel?       B U D G E T     H O T E L S 

slots1.jpg (31831 bytes) Although the new Golden Nile building won't be completed for some time, the secondary gambling area under Blue Nile Executive Club has been ready for some time.  The fist batch of slot machines are due to arrive in mid-November.  Time will tell what impact this will have on Fields Avenue.  I, for one, am skeptical that gambling and girly bars can be mixed successfully under one roof.  But, if you asked me several years ago if Richard could build more than six flashy & expensive clubs on lower Fields Ave and make them successful, I would probably said you are NUTS.  Never underestimate Richard Agnew.  Despite occasional "set backs" he has been very successful.
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  • Blue Nile Executive Club continues to pack the house night after night
  • Daytime Nero's is a bit slower than previous months. Not much pizzazz directed at the customer to encourage a second drink.
  • Misty's is now opening late afternoon (3 or 4 pm)
  • La Pasha seems to have lost some of it's luster. Pretty easy to get a seat the night I visited. The good music they played when they were first open has been replaced by the garbage only enjoyed by a Filipino teenagers with hearing loss.  How often the bars forget who pays for the drinks.  And we could do without the endless loop of X-rated cartoons. 
  • Viper Room is open early in the afternoon, but NO ESQ rum so I moved on to another club.  Years ago you could get ESQ in any club in town and now it is becoming hard to find. Why do bar owners stock hundreds of dollars in imported liquor but fail to keep a 60 cent bottle of rum on hand for us local boozers?
  • Dirty Duck has blacked out the windows so you can no longer sit in the aircon and watch the girls wandering up and down the street!  Another bad move by bar management IMO.  As the old saying goes:  "If it ain't broke, don't f--k with it!"
  • Champagne still ROCKS.  Noi Noi is working in here and the line up is as good as ever.  if it is your first visit to town, this is a must visit.
  • La Bamba has been a little quiet on my visits, but still a great Fields Ave club where the staff enjoys working.  I can never have just one drink in this club and it remains one of my favorite places to start a Fields Ave bar hop.
  • Insomnia has the best drinks in town.  You might think it is hard to screw up a rum & coke, but I have had some ghastly drinks around town.  When the bartender makes your R&C with the warm bottle of coke they didn't finish yesterday it just turns to sugar water as they pour it over ice.  Totally destroys the P 1.72 shot of rum in the glass (Yeah, that is what a 1 oz shot of ESQ costs).  But, back to Insomnia. They use a good "man sized" glass and I've never got a bad drink in this club.  If I'm passing by, I always pop in for that perfect drink, good air-conditioning, comfortable seating, unique (good) club layout, and staff with a good attitude.  Now if Dennis will just get a few cute spinners!
  • Alaska Club just ain't the same without Kim in town.  Always seems a bit too big for me, but the staff have great attitudes. Another mandatory stop on a stroll down the street after 6 pm.
  • Cherry's Club on Perimeter Road has a great door girl, good aircon and most importantly is open early in the afternoon.
  • Gentleman's Club is the most improved club in the last month.  By 3:15 pm they have about 15+ dancers on stage and another shift of 15 standing by to replace the first group.  They are going to need lots of customers to support a staff this large even at the P 130 a day they pay their dancers.
  • Dr Holms is a small club below the Gentleman's Club.  This week they changed their dancers from 3-11 to 5 pm to 2 am.  However, the club is open by noon if you just want to drink.
  • Touch of Class is up and down since Ted sold out and returned to Australia.  Some days it is almost empty and then another day it is packed with some dancers wearing costumes from Emotions next door.
  • Neville's wife is still at the helm of the Nifty's group despite rumors last month that they had sold all the clubs to help Neville get out of country.  In fact, things can't be going too bad since she has opened TWO new clubs and remodeled the C.R. in Nifty's  since he fled the Philippines.  [NOTE: only in the PI can you spend hundreds of dollars remodeling a bathroom - new tiles, shiny new toilet, etc.   And the new toilet is just like the old one -- NO FLUSH MECHANISM!  LOL Perhaps she is paying for these new clubs by cutting down on the air-conditioning in Nifty's & Rio's.  Been a little warm in these clubs lately.  If it gets any hotter in these two clubs the dancers will have to take off their costumes!
  • The club below Limited Edition finally has it's own name. Now the Top Hat Club.  Lots of energy in here for such a small club. Shot of two of the tequila girls in the column to this section.
  • Foxy's on Perimeter is a quiet little club with a few surprises. Music isn't too loud and no rap when I've been in there. may become a regular stop on my afternoon runs.
  • T-Times is back to running their generator for power.  This club is up & down, but the last time I was in there when they were running the generator the fumes & noise were a little hard to take.
  • Honey Ko's remains the #1 bar for EXPATS on the Perimeter Road.
  • The Hang Out next to Honey Ko's isn't a girly bar, but needs to be reported this month. Dave White has sold out and is moving to the Subic Area.  The new owners have gutted the interior. It will be interesting to see what they do with this as all the customers sat outside before.  They have put a new canvas cover over the outside and there seems to be more people hanging out in the Hang Out than ever before.  Good luck guys.
  • Harro must have found another investor.  LOST in ASIA will open soon where Blue K was a few years ago.
  The Defense Manpower Data Center will have a team at the Oasis Hotel  in Angeles from 16 to 21 Oct 2006.  They will issue ID cards and do assorted documentation like adding or removing a spouse, adding children to your records and lots more. For details and times see the notice on the Margarita Station bulletin board.

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US Military exercise this month on Clark AB.  Will be interesting to see  how often the boys get out on liberty with the Subic Rape Case still pending.

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Wow, this one looks like a set up for someone to start hitting the places on base at night that now have reduced security personnel.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

ONE MORE SECURITY WARNING  - - Internet Cafe's with keystroke recorders in Angeles.
  Several reports this last month of guys getting ripped off after using some of the cheap internet cafes popping up around town.  Thailand has had a problem for over a year with "key stroke loggers" in internet cafes.  They record your passwords or account information and later use them to drain your accounts, buy stocks, etc.  When in Angeles use the bigger, well established internet cafe and always use the same one. Then if you have a problem you can be certain where it occurred.  I can recommend Rick's Internet Cafe behind Margarita Station. He has assured me all his CPU's are clean.  I'm sure if you wanted you could bring in a program that detects key stroke recorders and other spyware and he would let you run it on any of his machines.  I doubt the internet cafes across the street would let you do that if they knew what you were doing.
efren01.jpg (20381 bytes) The Philippine team of Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante defeated the American tandem of Earl Strickland and Rodney Morris 13—5 in the 2006 International Pool Tour World Open 8-Ball Championship.  After winning the IPT World 8-Ball Open tournament (the largest prize money tournament in the history of pocket billiards) on Sept. 10th in Nevada, Efren “Bata” Reyes went home  had another $10,000 in his pocket which was the same amount he won in topping the SMB Tour’s kickoff leg in Vietnam last May. CONGRATULATIONS Efren Reyes, the BEST of the best pool player in the World!

The prize money for winning the IPT World 8-Ball Open tournament is $500,000.  Unfortunately, Efren hasn't received any cash yet (despite the photos) as the IPT was recently bought by Macau gambling tycoon Stanley Ho causing a "slight delay" in the payment.  In his early days Efren lost much of his prise money to his sponsors. Let's hope he gets all of the promised $500,000 to deposit in his personal bank account.  I bet he has relatives showing up that he never met before.

Filipino billiards champions Efren "Bata" Reyes and Francisco "Django" Bustamante have been given special Philippine national honors for their achievements in the game.  Mr Reyes received the Order of Lakandula with the rank Champion for Life while Mr Bustamante was given the presidential Medal of Merit. At the awards ceremony, the two billiard champions and the Pampanga provincial government presented President Gloria Arroyo with a championship pool table which was used in the first Philippine Challenge Billiards Tournament in 1994.

Career titles

2006 San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour Jakarta Leg
2006 IPT World 8-Ball Championship
2006 World Cup of Pool
2006 San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour Vietnam Leg
2006 Derby City Classic One-Pocket Championship
2005 IPT King of the Hill
2005 Derby City Classic Master Of The Table
2005 Derby City Classic - One-Pocket Championship
2005 Derby City - 9-Ball Championship
2005 IPT King of the Hill 8-Ball Championship
2005 San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour Stop
2005 Japan Open
2004 Derby City Classic Master of the Table
2004 Derby City Classic One-Pocket
2004 World 8-Ball Championship
2003 Mid-Atlantic 9-Ball Championship
2003 Las Vegas 9-Ball Open
2002 Challenge of Champions2002 World Pool League Champion
2001 World Pool League Champion
2001 IBC Tokyo 9-Ball Championship
2001 Color of Money II Challenge Match (Reyes vs Earl Strickland)
2001 Masters 9-Ball Championship
2000 U.S. Open One-Pocket Championship
1999 ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge
1999 ESPN Ultimate Shootout
1999 Victor Chandler World Pool Championship

1999 Derby City Classic - One Pocket Championship
1999 Derby City Classic Master of the Table
1999 Sands Regency Open 29 9-Ball Championship
1999 World 9-Ball Championship

1998 World 8-Ball Championship 

1998 Camel South Jersey 10-Ball Open
1997 PCA Shooters Challenge
1997 PCA Treasure Island Resort Event
1996 The Color of Money 9-Ball Champion (Reyes vs Earl Strickland)
1996 PBT World 8-Ball Championship
1996 PBT Legends of 9-Ball Championship
1996 PBT Western Open
1996 PBT Florida Flare Up III
1995 Sands Regency Open 21 9-Ball Championship
1995 PBT World 8 Ball Championship
1995 Pro Tour Championship 9-Ball
1994 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship
1994 PBT Bicycle Club Invitational
1992 International 8-Ball Classic
1992 World 9-Ball Open (Tokyo)
1990 World Cup (Taipei)
1988 PBA McDermott Masters 9-Ball
1986 Sands Regent 9-Ball Championship
1985 Sands Regent 9-Ball Championship
1985 Red's 9-Ball Open
1985 Tar Heel Open
1985 Willard's Open


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efren02.jpg (21229 bytes)
efren04.jpg (45348 bytes)

Photos of Hans coming as soon as I get to my storage drive

Sadly Hans Braun died suddenly in the first week of October 2006.  I first met Hans when he was managing Cleopatra quite a number of years ago.  Over the years I followed him to numerous clubs including Mirrors, Kitten Club, Viper Room and most recently Angels Club.   He could always be counted on to send a free drink or three.  If I was too slow, it wasn't uncommon for him to invite  a girl to the table and buy her a ladies drink on the house!  (The only manager I have ever had do that).   And if you thought you were safe, he would break out the B-52's.    Hans is survived by his wife (location unknown) and a teenage daughter.  Angels Bar is having a fund raiser for his daughter this week.

I was surprised in mid-September to see a news report on the TV in Ireland about the case against Barry Edwards being dismissed.  I was more surprised that many people in Angeles City hadn't heard this news that was rebroadcast half a world away almost every hour, all day long.


RETIRED math teacher Barry Edwards has walked free from court in the Philippines, despite local police claiming they had video evidence  of him abusing children.  Police said they found Edwards in his bedroom with a 14-year-old girl and claim in his possession was a box of photographs and videos of him abusing underage girls.

Some of the video footage was even aired on television in the Philippines.  The trial collapsed after a key witness failed to turn up to the trial, and video evidence was not submitted by the prosecution.  Edwards was tracked down by anti-pedophile campaigner Father Shay Cullen, who claimed he had to pay police to assist him.  Edwards denies the charges against him and says he has been framed by the police.
As of mid-September 2006, all charges against Barry have been  dismissed. Barry has rarely commented on the case publicly, on the  advice of his lawyers, since several of the interviews he did grant to various media outlets (BBC, Reuters, GMA-7 TV) were heavily edited and presented a rather biased, sensationalist point-of-view.
The info below was originally post by Big Al on an adult members site ............   On 11 October Barry gave a copy of the comments below.

 Here, then, are Barry's own comments and replies (in brackets, [ ]) to some of the statements and accusations that, to date, have gone unanswered and uncontested:


(1) On 24 July 2003, Barry Edwards trawled the bars on Fields looking for under-age girls [BE had not been to a bar for three days]

(2) He took three girls back to his hotel  [Around 4 pm, three girls knocked on his apartment door, uninvited and unexpected. Two of them, E and R, he knew slightly as well-known street (that is, not from the bar) prostitutes. The third girl, M, he had never seen before. All three have since become notorious for set-ups]

(3) He raped M while E and R waited in another room for their turn to be raped   [E and R asked him to give M money for sex. He said no but after a hard-luck story agreed to talk to her. E and R waited outside (below) with the police.]

(4) The police caught him in bed with M, aged 14.   [After only about 5 minutes, he answered a knock and stepped outside, fully clothed, onto the walkway, where squatted R. Two men in ordinary clothes jumped on him from behind the door. He threw them off and called out for security. A third man, also in ordinary clothes, put his gun to BE's head and said "Let us in or I'll kill you." A dozen hotel staff finishing duty witnessed this from below.]

(5) A sex video featuring the girl E was showing "in plain view on a TV"   [A complete invention and a coincidence worthy of Doctor Zhivago and a belief in fairies.]

(6) Many "sex videos" were found in the apartment   [The police, who had not announced themselves as such and forgot in their excitement to arrest BE, had no arrest warrant and no search warrant. Many things were stolen from the apartment, such as TVs, a DVD player, a very pornographic electric fan (which even appears on the official list!) shoes and clothes (some of which were given to the girls!) through to about 200 pounds in cash (which strangely did not appear on the list).]

(7) BE was the center of a gang supplying Europe with "sex videos"   [A fantasy from a repressed mind. Tens of thousands of people around the world make films of their love-making with a consensual partner.  These are private and nobody else's business.]

(8) Thousands of "pornographic" photos of women were found.   [Many normal remembrance photos were stolen. Millions of people around the world take glamour photos of willing models. Normal heterosexual men get pleasure from seeing an attractive female body nude. It is not "dirty" and no big deal. When private it is, again, nobody else's  business; when commercial, such things are freely available in supermarkets and other places in the Philippines, where there is, in fact, no legal definition of "pornography".]

(9) BE faced charges of Pedophilia   [The three charges were of rape (which then carried the death penalty) with all three girls, on separate occasions. They were dismissed at preliminary hearing. This was because the charges were preposterous, and there was no evidence of rape nor interest (by the girls) in pursuing them.]

(10) BE escaped justice by bribing the police to drop the case.  [It was not an option for the police; the case was in court! In fact, soon after the dismissals, they were so frustrated that they  raised new charges, using the same incident and personnel, completely at the other end of the scale.   These were of "being in the company of a a public or private place" (amazing that such a bad law--Political Correctness gone mad, since its only logic is the presumption of an intended crime in a person's head--can exist) and "showing pornography to minors".  Unlike rape charges, these are bailable.]

(11) He then ran away and hid.   [BE lived openly in Puerta Galera for ten months and visited Angeles several times.]

(12) Expeditions to Palawan and Boracay failed to find him. [A simple message to his lawyer that new charges were extant was all that was needed for him to report to the Court.]

(13) A dramatic operation by fearless channel GMA 7, re-arrested him.   [Melodramatic, unnecessary, and a waste of public money, but providing scenic footage for TV.]

(14) The last trial ended in a fiasco of provisional dismissal of all three charges on 14 September 2006. [It was the Prosecution case that was a fiasco. From June 2004 to September 2006 there were 42 Hearings over 27 months, all of which BE attended.
At only 3 did any business take place--the central witness, M, twice gave evidence for 5 minutes: it was so confused and contradictory (and obviously coached) that the judge ordered a site inspection of the apartment. It took 8 attempts to do this. Later, M repeatedly failed to turn up and her supposed mother told the court that she did not want to testify. She was at this time operating openly as a pick-up girl around Santos Street and twice stayed at BE's hotel with different men. The judge had the three policemen subpoenaed to give evidence, but three times they too failed to appear.]

Additionally, Barry had this to say:

Eventually, the judge announced that the defendant too had rights, including that of a speedy trial. It was clear that the prosecution had nothing to offer.

These set-ups are regular occurrences in Angeles but they are not intended to appear in the media or become trials. The foreigner victim, once a girl is inveigled into his room, is expected to open the door in a towel then, when told he is trouble, to hand over P50,000 or so and quietly leave the country.  This one seems to have been bungled and the victim (BE) stood up to it.
He is still doing so despite a "Trial by Media" which is no less than a perversion of justice and a contempt for the Judicial Process.
How can it be lawful to hand over alleged evidence--illegally obtained-- to TV channels and NGOs who have nothing to do with the proceedings beyond their presumptuous, arrogant, bigoted and self-appointed importance?

This pressure on the Court is a ghastly and ugly mixture of political correctness, malice, sanctimonious prurience and sensationalism, in order to push political agendas and gain a gullible audience. Fair-minded people should oppose it and support due process.

The management of Margarita Station has no opinion about whether Barry was or was not guilty.  No one here knew Barry more than to see him in passing. Throughout the course of this case there have been many rumors.  BUT, Angeles City seems to thrive on rumors.  We absolutely do not condone pedophilia. That said, here are a few more links to other stories about Barry Edwards arrest & trial.


A unusual number of incidents in Angeles area in September.  A recap is at the link below: