In a previous post this month I highlighted some disturbing crimes in Angeles City.  Yesterday there was another incident that was unusual for this time of year in Angeles City.  The city usually experiences a steep increase in crimes in mid December as the "industrious" thieves prepare to celebrate Christmas.   I can only hope the increase in crimes in the last 30-45 days are no indication of what will happen in town in December!

On 17 October at about 1500, the wife of a local EXPAT was robbed at gunpoint in the Saver's Mall parking lot.  She pulled up in front of Savers Mall in the main parking area right in front of Jollibee. She spent a few minutes changing her shoes and fixing her makeup and noticed two pleasant looking, well-dressed young men pull up next to her on a single motorcycle. They sat next to her and chatted with each other very nonchalantly and seemed to be waiting for something; she didn't realize it was to stick her up.  After finishing her makeup, she unlocked the door to get out. One of the guys on motorcycle suddenly opened her door and shoved a gun very roughly into her side under her arm telling her to give him her purse. She handed it over and they took off immediately. She says she went into a momentary paralysis of shock and fear and so could not move. She let her guard down thinking that the presence of all the security immediately in front of the store would make her safe.  There's a chance, she says, if she had promptly jumped out and screamed for help that maybe security could have done something. Witnesses say the two motored off into Diamond Subdivision.   Fortunately, she wasn't hurt.  She made a report to the police and to Savers Security, for all the good it will do.  


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