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Sept 2006


MORE PRICE INCREASES: Lots of factors are pushing us into still another new price increase at theville.  First, a new COLA/Increase in minimum wage started this month.  Lots of businesses in the Philippines pay no attention to the minimum wage, but we have always paid our employees at or above the dictated minimum.  And I'm happy to report that in recent years more  businesses like the big hotels also follow the rules of the Labor Code.  Some of the bars do follow the rules for their bartenders & waitresses, but I don't know of any that follow the Labor Code for their dancers or GRO's. 

A P18.50 a day increase in the minimum wage doesn't sound too bad, but, it is the third increase in the minimum wage in the last 24 months.  For Margarita Station, this little increase works out to an additional annual salary expense of US$ 13,112!

Additionally, food prices continue to climb as suppliers reflect on the real effect of the 12% VAT.  Cooking oil increased TWICE in the last three weeks.  Furthermore, we were buying some items like pancake mix & syrup at PRICE SMART in Manila.  Due to a dispute between the American Company and the Filipino owners, the American Company paid the Filipino owners a settlement last year and allowed them to continue to use the name.  The USA company stopped supplying the stores in Manila and now the smart Chinese/Filipino owners have finally gone out of business. So all items we were buying from them are now being sourced elsewhere (almost all) at a higher price.


NEW CONSTRUCTION:             

ABC Hotel: This new hotel (the Angeles Beach Club Hotel) is located on Perimeter Road near Stampede.  It is owned by Andre, a Dutch EXPAT that has been around Angeles for a few years.  Construction is being done by Gerard's builders, so I expect the final results will be first class. Estimated opening is Feb 2007.  Looking at the construction I would also expect this hotel to be in the class of the Wild Orchid.

Street View May 06

Current Street View

The Angeles Sports & Country Club is breaking ground on two model units in a few weeks.   Introductory prices range from 4.75 M (single condo) to 10.5 M (Double Penthouse Units).  For more info, see 
Golden Nile construction has reached the 5th floor.   It is a huge building for lower Fields Ave.  Unfortunately I've misplaced the photos of the construction, so you will have to wait a while to see this monster.  It will eventually be connected to Cambodia, Bed Rock, Nero's, Blue Nile & Blue Nile Executive Clubs by tunnels near the rear of all the ground floor clubs.  Two floors will be dedicated to gambling machines.  Word is that most machines are already in Angeles just waiting for completion of construction..
A new bar adjacent to Jolly Frog was scheduled to open in the next few weeks. However, "Nifty Neville" has recently run into some "legal" problems, so the status of this new club as well as Jolly Frog, Nifty's, and Club Rio are unknown.  (See related story below)  Additionally, the closure of the Friendship bridge until at least late September will really effect business at the Jolly Frog.
Final construction has finally begun on the Friendship bridge.  The forecast was for construction to be completed in 30 days, but most of the "arm chair experts" say it will take much longer.  Until it is finished all traffic is having to cross at the  Hensonville bridge.





The Real Street squatters have been cleared again. The city has put 4x4 posts in ground near the street, so it looks like a fence will be constructed to keep the squatter cafes from reappearing. Time will tell.



The BRASS KNOB has opened on Perimeter Road.  The cafe & pool table area is open and the bar has dancers from early afternoon until late.  The hotel above the club looks like it will not open for several more months.
Dr HOLMES Club has opened under the Gentleman's Club on Perimeter Road.  The soft opening was on 19 Sept 2006.   The club has no dancers yet, but it is set up with a small dance floor on one end of the club where the dancers will be visible only to those close seats.
MAGIC MOMENTS near checkpoint is now serving "Steve's Indian Curries"  and a variety of sandwiches.  Plans call for a street side renovation of this club in the next few months. They open at 1 pm, and yes, they do have dancers.

A new "eatery" has opened between the Bunny Ranch and the former Kitten Club.  It seems pretty popular with the girls from the clubs.  Might be worth a check if you are looking for a small, reasonable priced meal.

The Dollhouse Hotel and Cafe has opened across from the Dollhouse.  I haven't heard any comments from anyone that has stayed there yet, but I'm sure we will get feedback soon.  With a swimming pool on the roof, a cafe on the main floor and a 24-hour club across the street, they should be able to keep the rooms full if the price is right.
The El Mexican Restaurant is nearing completion near Friendship.  Nigel has been busy gathering information and employees from existing businesses. If he can put it all together he should have a successful restaurant.
Heart Breakers has opened where the Pick-Up disco was located.  It is a huge club, open three stories inside. Lots of girls on the main stage with more on a catwalk surrounding the second floor seating area.  More management staff than I've ever seen in any club in Angeles.   The green & blue lighting doesn't flatter the dancers too much, but I'm sure that will be corrected soon.
This isn't one of my photos.  I spotted it on a board and couldn't resist poaching it.  It gives an excellent perspective of the size of the new SM Mall when compared to existing structures in the area. (If anyone knows who took the photo, drop me an email and I'll give him credit here).
Not really a new restaurant, but I have been hearing more positive reviews about the food & staff at Bourbon Street.  After so many businesses have come and faded away at that location it looks like this one may last a while.



Breakup at the BIG EASY.  In business school they teach that Partnerships often ruin friendships.  That appears to be the case at the Big Easy. Steve has packed his bags and left the partnership. He will reportedly be repaid for his investment.

TITLE CONFUSION?  The DOLLHOUSE/RICKS CAFE Saga:   Supposedly the lot where Rick's Cafe was located was Lot 13. The lot where Dollhouse was built is Lot 14. When Gerard bought the lot where he built Titanic, there was a mix-up and the papers said that he bought Lot 13. This means apparently he bought the lot where Rick's Cafe was situated.   The La Pasha guys signed a contract for Lot 14. When they applied for a building permit, the city told them that they couldn't build there because  Dollhouse was on it already!  It has taken everyone almost two months to sort out this mix-up. Additionally, Ricks lot is about 25 sqm larger than the Dollhouse lot. So Gerard paid for 25 square meters more than he received.   Reportedly, they have now sorted that one out as well.  They plan to start building this week.  Now if they just find all six of the old septic tanks.....
Vian Lodge has been sold to the Doll House guys.  Another new hotel, or ????
The Winchester bar has been closed for a number of months. Word is Gerard has the property back and he will build yet another hotel on this and his adjoining property which includes the Hole in the Wall.  But, Hole in the Wall will not be effected for now and it should be business as usual for the immediate future.

Ted has finally sold Emotions and Touch of Class to two brothers from Australia (and another mystery man??).  The payment is scheduled to take place this week and Ted will be off to Australian for much needed medical care.  Good luck Ted, we all hope you have a quick and full recovery.

Lots of tourist think they could run/manage clubs better than almost all the current club owners.  A recent incident points out that things are not as simple as many think.  Rumors abounded that Patrick was arrested in My Bar the day after he fire the mommasan.  Fortunately, that rumor wasn't true, but, the club was in fact raided in a search for under age girls & drugs.  Supposedly the officials did not find any underaged girls or drugs, but they arrested Patrick's girlfriend after four girls signed statements that they were going on bar fines (prostitution).  At last report, Patrick's girlfriend who is 4+ months pregnant is still in jail and My Bar remains closed.

ANOTHER ARREST! Nifty has been released from jail mostly through the continuous efforts of Sgt. Nick from Chasers.  But, his problems are far from over.  He had a string of  “bad luck” since his involvement with a high visibility venture on Fields Ave.   He believes he is lucky to be alive after his first warning about six months ago [see photo].   There is no conclusive evidence that his recent incarceration is tied into the same business venture, but it smacks of the same Modus Operandi.    Unfortunately as of writing, the case in ongoing, so no more can be said.   Updates will follow .


EXPATS who are native English speakers who may be eligible for part-time tutoring jobs within Pampanga? The job is conducting English speaking sessions with foreign students.  They are especially looking for individuals who can speak Korean or Chinese along with English.  For details, pls. contact Ms. Edna at mobile # 0921-6283165.
The Arizona Hotel in Barrio Baretto has just added a new Sports Bar to try to bring in more customers.   The owners have determined they need additional manager(s).  They are looking for a qualified Filipino, but will probably consider an EXPAT that is willing to work hard for basic wages.    Interested individuals should contact the Arizona Hotel, or send me their resume at and I will forward it to the owner.
Would you like to help in maintaining the Clark AB cemetery?  Check out Rick's new VFW--flag project at:
EMPLOYERS BEWARE: It never fails to amaze me how many EXPAT business owners will hire anyone that applies for a job without calling previous employers.  It is very hard to terminate employees that have worked for more than six months even if they are caught in the commission of a crime like stealing.  We recently released one long term employee after he was caught taking something he shouldn't.  I also recently had a former employee of another establishment apply for a job.  A quick discussion with her previous employer informed me that that individual had been terminated for "suspected" theft.  Needless to say we did not hire her.  Today I got word that both these individuals have been hired by another local business.  Boy is that guy getting some good "experienced" employees!
LADIES DRINK COUPONS:  If you are a "Juicy Fool" and constantly buy ladies drinks you can now buy a coupon book of ladies drinks that are good in ALASKA, LA BAMBA & RHAPSODY.  25 Coupons cost P 2750 and are valid for 25 days.  50 Coupons cost P 5000 and are good for 50 days.  For you real big spenders you can buy 100 coupons for P 10,000 and they are good for 75 days!

Sometimes it is the sign painter's fault? Sounds like a really HOT bar to me!

But, sometimes the owners just can't decide on a name. The customers were so confused .. was it Lucky Ben or Ben Luck Bar? Now, it is the MATRIX.

We have a Dirty Duck and a Nasty Duck in Angeles. I kind of liked thsi "Duck" in Pattaya

Do you have problems with viruses & spyware after looking at porn on the internet? Take your computer to Porn Laundry for cleaning?

Don't carry contraband into the Philippines because the bags are x-rayed. If you ever see a mark like this chalk "X" on your bags when the arrive in Manila it means your bag has been selected for inspection. The marks will be on multiple sides. 

I've hear of "mystery meat" but this stall makes me wonder...

Street urinals for guys are all over Manila

I'd love to see the boat full of feathers


They really should give some people a test before they are allowed to get a passport of use the internet.

Really! I think you better look for one of those street urinals!

From a Pattaya Thailand paper. Do you think it sold?