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Sept 2007

HAPPY 90th Birthday DELMAR: A regular customer almost since our inception, Delmar recently celebrated his 90th birthday with his family, our staff and invited guests.  A parachute over the back yard kept the light rain from interfering with the festivities.  Delmar says his 100th birthday will be a bigger party!  I can hardly wait to see that one.

Blue Nile Group staff out of jail:  In my last newsletter I mentioned the arrest of some of the management staff at Blue Nile Group.  The seven individuals spent a total of five weeks in jail and all eventually all charges against them were dropped and the case dismissed.

There were a number of rumors flying around regarding the raid and now that the people detained have been released it is probably an opportune time to set the record straight.  Below is an extract from a message board post by a manager from that group:

  • Firstly the raid was conducted by the NBI. During the raid they arrested seven staff members and numerous dancers waitresses head waitresses etc. The exact number of people arrested is still unknown and will probably remain so. The staff arrested included two foreigners one of the Neros Managers and the Bedrock manager.

  • The operation was large involving two teams of NBI agents and they hit Blue Nile, Blue Nile Executive, Neros and Bedrock simultaneously. While conducting the raid normal customers were detained in the bar they were visiting in some cases for nearly three hours. The NBI agents were armed and threatened to use their guns should people become unruly.

  • In the course of the raid NBI personnel confiscated the night’s takings from the cashier of each bar as well as several official bar operating documents. The money and the documents as of now have not been returned.

  • They took the people to the NBI headquarters in Taft Avenue Manila. Here in Manila the BNG employees were questioned and many of the dancers were subjected to dental checks in order to determine if any of the girls were under age. Out of all the girls they arrested they found a grand total of ZERO underage. Not one underage girl was found by the NBI.

  • After being detained the majority of dancers and staff were simply let go and put out on the street in Manila with no money and no means of transportation back to Angeles. Seven people were detained for a further five weeks at first in the NBI headquarters in Manila then at a later date in a jail in Angeles.

  • Upon investigating this raid several facts became evident. Firstly they had a mission order to conduct this raid. This mission order was supposedly drawn up and signed by the Head of the DOJ however later the head of the DOJ denied having any knowledge of said mission order let alone signing it. If this is the truth that means the mission order was a forgery and the signature that appeared on the mission order was also a forgery. Secondly this mission order was drawn up on the basis of a complaint lodged by an anonymous representative of a group calling themselves the concerned citizens of Angeles city. This complaint stated that within the BNG bars there were cocaine parties involving minors as young as ten years old. This is of course a totally false statement and noticeably the complaint was not signed by any particular person and no person has come forward to claim responsibility for the complaint.

  • The seven people detained by the NBI were charged with human trafficking.

  • After a period of time the prisoners were transferred to jail in Angeles while the BNG lawyers fought to get the case and the charges dismissed. After a further period of time and intensive legal negotiations the case was dismissed however the people remained in jail in Angeles. The BNG lawyers produced a zerox copy of the dismissal notice and presented it to the acting district judge in Angeles (the usual judge was away on holiday) so she could then sign an official release order for the prisoners. When presented with the copy of the dismissal notice the Judge questioned its validity and said that it must be verified as real by a DOJ representative. The next day the dismissal notice was verified for the acting judge by a DOJ representative yet she still refused to sign a release order stating that it was not within her power to sign any release orders as she was only the acting judge.

  • This position went on for several days until the acting judge eventually relented and signed the release order. Upon receiving the release order our lawyers presented it to the prison warden and the prisoners were then released.

BALIBAGO BUGGIES:  Trust Rick to keep coming up with new things. The latest is Balibago Buggies. These are neat, little, no frills vehicles with automatic transmissions that you can rent with or without a driver. Perfect for bar hopping out to the Perimeter Road clubs or a trip to the SM mall.  For more info CLICK HERE

BAR TUNES for your IPOD or COMPUTER: If you want to take home some of the tunes you hear in the clubs, just drop into Rick's Cafe Internet Center in the rear of Margarita Station.  He currently has over 28,000 songs (Pop, Country, Christmas and more), that have all been leveled out to the same volume level, to chose from. Your time on the computer to chose your songs is free.  Rick's staff will upload the MP3 songs you select into your MP3 player, IPOD, etc.   Cost is  P10 per song.  (Bring your equipment and proper cable for them to transfer the tunes for you, or they will put your selections on a CD for P10 per song plus P49 for the CD). Or pick up the current dance songs on our premade DVD, contains 1103 songs popular in the bars during the last 2 or 3 years, only P999.

SLOT MACHINES: The slots are finally turned on in the Blue Nile Group clubs.  There are machines throughout the clubs and there is a room full of machines near the rear of Blue Nile.  Although not too busy, at least one manager seemed to think they were doing better than expected.  On several visits I have only seen a few people playing, but I believe they will be popular with the increasing Korean, Singapore and Malaysian tourists (especially when they see the game room attendants pictured on the right!)


GOLDEN NILE:  Work on the interior of the Golden Nile had slowed down, but now that the slot machines are in operation in the other Blue Nile Group clubs, word is the finishing touches will be put on the Golden Nile in the near future.  The first two floors will be for gambling and the club will be on the 3rd floor with a mezzanine (4th floor) overlooking the main floor.  Similar to Blue Nile, the Golden Nile will feature TWO hydraulic dance stages.  The good news is the 3rd floor club can be accessed via elevator.


I'm a fan of the clubs on Perimeter Road vs. the Fields Avenue clubs. Right now two of my favorites are Fire & Ice and Honey Ko's

Fire & Ice opens at 10 am and has a happy hour until 3 pm.  The free pool table stays busy all the time and they have some of the cutest dancers on Perimeter Road.

BIG DRINKS:  Honey Ko's has introduced much bigger glasses for the customer drinks.  Absolutely one of the best values in town at P50 per drink.  The next best value for drinks on Perimeter Road has to go to Roadie's.  Not quite as big as the Honey Ko's, their glasses are still above the standard Fields Ave drink glasses. And Roadie's has brought back the 5-6 PM buy-one-take-one Happy Hour.

On main Fields Avenue, the Dollhouse has made some big improvements.  I highly recommend the Wednesday night photo shoot starting at 9 pm.  It is amazing to see that many girls in an Angeles City club!

THE BLUE NILE GROUP:  Despite higher prices than many of the clubs, the Blue Nile Groups of clubs continue to pack in the customers.  And, NO it's not the slot machines bringing them in yet. It is the large staff's with good attitudes.

GECKO's was sold a few months back.  Not a lot of visible changes except there seem to be a lot more customers than last year.  I recommend this club for a drink or two on any bar hop, as I have since it was the Y bar.

Rainy Season Specials

Sunday Monday Tuesday
 2:00PM to 6:00PM

Special Happy Hour Prices

6:00PM to 3:00AM

P49.00 Local Drinks

 2:00PM to 3:00AM

All Day Special Happy Hour Prices

(13 straight hours of reduced prices)


2:00PM to 6:00PM

Special Happy Hour Prices

6:00PM to 3:00AM

2 for 1 Special
(Buy 1 local drink-Get 2nd free)

WHAT'S NEW ON CLARK: straight from the CDC. Updates on International flights, reopening of the EXPO, hotel expansions, sports tourism and more....... CLARK NEWS


  • Over 100 new photos from Clark.    

  • Additionally, our CLARK PHOTO ARCHIVES have been updated at:  Clark Archives


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MEDGAR EXECUTIVE APARTELLE:   This is a new Apartelle just a few blocks from Margarita Station.  it is a quiet hotel with quality facilities at reasonable prices.  For more info CLICK HERE

WATCH LIVE USA FOOTBALL on the plasma screen TV in Woody's Bar (in Medgar Apartelle). The owner is an avid football fan and I expect his little lounge will be a great place to see some of the games that you can't get in your hotel room. 

DOLLHOUSE HOTEL:   Want to stay right in the heart of the action?  Check out the Dollhouse Hotel.
MIRAGE HOTEL:     Also in the heart of Fields Ave, the Mirage is located above the Carousel Bar.  These rooms are very reasonably priced ($28-49) and I'm sure you will have to book early to get a room here.  Reservations can be made through our office at
This huge hotel is under construction on Perimeter Road just a short walk past the ABC Hotel.  The owner has told several individuals he will only have about 55 rooms!  Based on the size of the project these would all have to be big rooms. More on this probably upscale hotel as it nears completion.
HOT AUGUST NIGHT:    Since the ABC Hotel opened they have had special events almost every month. In early August they had a night of Wet & Wild boxing.  The contestants wore oversized gloves and to win a round the boxer had to knock (or push) his opponent into the pool through the one side of the ring with no ropes. A live band entertained the crowd between events.  It was a great evening despite the heat and occasional rain showers.

Break-in's and Home Invasions:  Unfortunately this problem seems to be on the rise and it's not even Christmas time.

1.  In the most violent one, an American named Scott and his girlfriend were sitting around their home late one evening when a number Filipino men (some armed with pistols) charged into the home. They tied up the girl while some of them started gathering laptop computers, cameras and other valuables. When they tried to tie up Scott he though they intended to execute them so he fought back against the armed men.  Shocked by his bizarre behavior they all fled the scene with the loot they could carry.

2.  Peter, an Australian lived in a house on Narra St.  One night he got up about 3 am and went downstairs to get something and noticed his front door was open.  On closer inspection he notice his TV outside on the wall.  He must have disturbed them in the act as they fled so fast they left their flip flops and his TV behind.  Peter decided to move after the incident and had an unbelievable confrontation with his landlord that disturbed him even more than the break in.  If you are thinking of renting a 2 story apartment on Narra St. my recommendation would be to keep looking.  From what I've heard, you don't want this landlord.

3.  Two American brothers were sharing an apartment near the VFW.  One brother, Adam, had just returned from Boracay a while back. When he got up in the morning he had been broken into while he slept. They stole a digital camera, cash from his wallet, and a number of items from the downstairs.  Fortunately for him the discarded his passport and credit cards.

4.  More recently, Larry, another American that lived on Liza St in Santa Maria had his apartment broken into during the daytime.  When his girlfriend was leaving some guys on the street asked her where she was going and where Larry was at.  One hour later they returned to find the gate and front door broken. The TV, VCR, laptop and even his clothes were gone.

5.  An apartment near Friendship leased by Aida from Margarita Station was broken in to during daylight a little over a month ago. The tenants were going to Subic for a few days. According to neighbors some individuals arrived at the apartment only minutes after the tenants drove away! 

None of these incidents are new to the Angeles City area.  The first one is the most disturbing because weapons were involved and the bad guys didn't wait until the couple was asleep.  The police think they were likely workers from a nearby home that was under construction. The workers at the site had plenty of time to case the house and likely knew there were enough goodies inside to justify a home invasion.  They went in in force and displayed the weapons.  Every few years someone is killed trying to stopped an armed intruder. Seldom are any arrests made.

The second two break-ins are the most common. Thieves usually break-in during the hours before dawn. It is not unusual for them to crawl into the bedrooms to see what they can find on the night stands by the bed or in your pants.

The last two are IMO very preventable.  If you have guys hanging out in the street outside your apartment or house, they will know when everyone is gone.  Leaving a house girl or someone inside will almost always prevent daylight break-ins. The last one in Aida's house was either an inside job (the girlfriend telling someone when the coast would be clear) or a case of someone in the house telling the wrong person the house would be empty.  No way this was random because the burglars were on the scene with a vehicle so fast after the tenants left the neighbors thought they were still in the house and just had guests.  If you have to leave a house empty, leave lights, a radio or TV on so it somewhat looks/sounds like someone is home and don't tell the girl at the sari sari store you will be gone for 2-3 days!

C' Italian Dining:  I don't write up the other restaurants around Angeles very often because I'm just too lazy to try new venues (especially when many are disappointing).  But, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed by C' Italian Dining when I stopped in for lunch one afternoon in late August.  I have heard plenty of good things about this gourmet restaurant so we brought our appetites and my wallet.  We had a panitza for our starter and flank steak, a risotto and some pasta for our main course.  Not a place for Cheap Charlie's, but hands down the best meal I have ever had in Angeles City.  I would recommend this restaurant to everyone!  They have an outdoor garden, and a nice room for a private function.  And now you can get pizzas from their new brick oven.

BEST PRICE FOR INK CARTRIDGES:  Tired of being ripped off for ink cartridges for you computer printer?  I tried refills once before and had trouble with my printer afterwards. So I stayed away from using any refills even when our ex-manager opened a shop in town.  Finally after Rick's Cafe used them for over a year one of my managers starting using them without my knowledge.  Now that we have used them for over a year without any noticeable difference even in photo printing I feel pretty stupid.  His cartridges are about 50%+ cheaper and they work as good as the brand names.  The PRO RECHARGERS shop  is located adjacent to the entrance to Sunset Garden Hotel.

Angeles City HASH House Harriers:  Recently I made a return to the AC HASH after a long absence. In my absence it has made a conversion to a bush HASH.  Regular members assure me that almost all of their Sunday HASH "runs" are out in the countryside vs. the old runs around town.  I put the word run in quotes because there is a large group of walkers.  You don't need to be a super athlete to join the Hashers, but be prepared for a 2+ hour walk with some moderate hills.  If you can handle that, you will see parts of the Philippines many tourists never see.  Weekly runs are on Sundays and usually depart the Anchorage Inn about 2 pm (for walkers) and 3 pm for runners.  Cost is P300 which includes transportation and plenty of beer or sodas.  For more information stop in the Anchorage Inn and check the bulletin board.

Palmera Garden Resort in Iba celebrates it's 10th anniversary.   From now until 30th of September you can get a special rate of only P 800 per night only (air-conditioned room) right on the South China Sea.    This is the price of the rooms ten years ago when they first opened. Price valid only if booked through our website,  Rick's Internet Cafe, Premiere or Sunset, Perimeter Illusion   the customer will get.    MORE INFO