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Palmera Garden Beach Resort



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The town of Iba is located west/northwest of Angeles on the west coast of Luzon.  It is  about three to four hours by road or just 21 minutes by air.   In the past there has been very little reason to visit this city, but in November 1997 several Swiss businessmen opened up a beach resort about 4 kilometers north of the airport.   The Palmera Garden Beach Resort has rapidly become a popular get-away location for those of us that live in Angeles City. So much so, that I often know most of the guests and girls when I visit.   Palmera Garden offers top quality international cuisine.  The fresh seafood is my favorite.

I first visited the resort in January 1998 and was surprised to see a fully booked hotel in this remote area.  But, the reasons soon became apparent -- excellent management, pristine beaches, and easy transportation arrangements.  Additionally, the hotel has a nice pool, good food, cable TV, reliable phone service and most importantly very reasonable rates.   



The beach here is perfect!  There is nobody selling t-shirts, paintings, shells, etc.  No banca boats parked on the beach.  Just a mile of clean sand with very little surf.



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It don't get much better than this!  We put a portable stereo on our blanket, and spend the day in the water.  Nobody even walks near our stuff on the beach!  And the girls like it because it is clean and there is nobody staring at them (except me).



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Guests can choose from air-conditioned rooms or spacious beachside (fan-cooled) bungalows, all with cable TV.






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When you need a break from the beach, the resort has a game area with a pool table and a dart board.

They also have videos in the main nipa hut/dining area.


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My good friend "The Wizard"  from Rick's Cafe got his friend to fly him from Angeles to Iba.  The flight took only 21 minutes and cost about $110 for three passengers (for a few bucks more you can make a loop over Mt. Pinatubo).  At that rate, I'll be flying to Iba instead of Boracay or La Union.  For those on a budget, transportation can be arranged from Palmera Garden.  For more information or reservations, send your email to palmera@mozcom.com


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