Aida's Photo Page


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Aida loves New Years Eve.  She sells hats and horns and parties all night a3.jpg (4001 bytes) Roger & Aida hit the dance floor

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JC's uncle teaches Aida how to dance to C&W tunes a200.jpg (3875 bytes) Rick & Aida on New Years Eve 1998/99
a199.jpg (3900 bytes) Candy, Marnelly, Aida, and Mariane a179.jpg (2438 bytes) Aida & Jennifer
a1.gif (2871 bytes) Aida watches Jhun cut the pig for her birthday 1996 a184.jpg (2964 bytes) Another year older (1998)
Testing Mother's Milk

Looks like someone visited Nora's beauty shop
Aida's parents visit the ville Aida's family visit in 2000
Another birthday!    
Annual Trips to Bangkok Thailand
a63.gif (4504 bytes) First trip 1995 a94.jpg (3570 bytes) Aida, Sheena, and Candy in 1997

Aida's Trip to the USA in 1998

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Lunch Break in Mt. Ranier  National Park a215.jpg (3130 bytes) Feeding the swans in a pond in Spokane, Washington
a219.jpg (3756 bytes) County Fair a220.jpg (3486 bytes) Picking Apples north of Spokane
a221.jpg (3740 bytes) Her haul from the apple orchard a222.jpg (3335 bytes)  

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The rose garden in Spokane,Washington a224.gif (3237 bytes) Aida & Westy after a late afternoon canoe ride

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Going for the brass ring on Spokane's old merry-go-round a226.jpg (3338 bytes) On top of Snowbank Mountain in southern Idaho