Former Staff

This page is dedicated to some of the employees that have gone on to bigger & better things.
A few of many former employees Married
Melanie 1993 Margarita & Rosie at a staff party Anita always got lots of mail.  At last report, she was living in Alaska with her husband.
Anna Liza & Anita Another shot of Melanie Emily is living in Denmark with her husband Brian.  They visit almost every Christmas.
Anita & Melanie celebrate their birthday

Myra V was a good waitress and cashier Emily with her son during New Years 1999-2000
Daida shows off that beautiful smile Margarita & Daida This shot of Flor & Eva Jean was taken before we opened.  Both are now living in the USA with their husbands
Anita & Ana Liza Daida & Anna Ria at a Jose Cuervo party night.  She is living with her husband in Australia.  Visited us in July 2002
Melanie M. Rina's Sister  & Margarita Cindy was our first fulltime waitress trainer.  She is now living in Guam with her husband.
Malou is now married & living in the USA Florence now has a little business on NY Street.

Precy was a fantastic waitress and one of our earlier cashiers.  She lives with her husband in Holland.
Anna, Anita, & Violy Violy & Anna Amy is living in the USA with her husband and their daughter.
Myra & Ana Fe Lisa, Anna, Emily, & Violy (circa 1993) Thelma is living in the USA with her husband.  She was one of the fastest waitresses to go through training and one of the best we ever had.  
Angie, Violy, Anna, & Emily Two midshift girls in the early years Marie is in the USA.