Early Days

Flor, Eva Jean and two friends test JC's margaritas (early 1993) a144.jpg (4150 bytes) Another shot fo Flor & Eva Jean
a142.jpg (3838 bytes) In the early days all the girls hung out behind the bar.  Eventually as we got bigger we had to assign sections. a177.gif (3746 bytes) This photo is from our first two weeks of operation.  We started late in the morning and went until we ran out of customers.
a174.jpg (1636 bytes) Paul and most of the inital staff. a180.jpg (3058 bytes) Margarita, Angie, and Bing.
a120.jpg (3537 bytes) Lisa and Anita.  Two of our first waitresses a119.jpg (3862 bytes) Lisa D, Anna, Emily & Violy.  The life of the early night shift.
a123.jpg (3804 bytes) Daida and Anna a154.jpg (3689 bytes) What a gang!
a175.jpg (1314 bytes) Nobody could wear those shorts quite like Anna! a58.gif (3604 bytes) The early day shift
a60.gif (3959 bytes) Melanie celebrates a birthday. a72.gif (4104 bytes) Our first Christmas photo
a70.gif (3854 bytes) Lito and the early staff a240.gif (3757 bytes) One of our first cashiers
a243.gif (3549 bytes) Five of our first waitresses a254.jpg (3102 bytes) Most of the initial waitress staff
a255.jpg (2878 bytes) Flor serves up some test margaritas a259.jpg (3594 bytes) Emily was one of the fun waitresses on the midnight shift
a260.gif (3540 bytes) The girls used to hang out behing the bar until we had to assign sections a263.gif (3656 bytes) The early mid shift waitresses
a264.gif (3279 bytes) Another shot of the midshift girls a266.gif (3960 bytes) The main bar in 1993
a267.gif (3534 bytes) At the beginning all the customers got lots of attention a271.gif (3210 bytes) The dining area in early 1994