Construction & Renovations through the years


a151.gif (3757 bytes) An early shot of the ville before construction.
Front view of "the ville" as we began construction (1993)
a244.gif (3514 bytes) Interior view once small stores were removed
a245.gif (2742 bytes) Another interior view
a249.gif (3002 bytes) View of area later to be dining area
a250.gif (3432 bytes) Interior gets the first coat of paint
a246.gif (3454 bytes) The front wall goes up -- 1993
a247.gif (3990 bytes) Rear view 1993
a248.gif (3679 bytes) Some laborers were more expensive than others.  Here Flor shows the others how to chip cement.
Finishing touches on the interior walls (1993)
The nipa bar nears completion (1993)
a252.gif (3139 bytes) Front view late 1993
Front view of "the ville" (1996)
Front view of the ville (2000)
a196.jpg (3570 bytes) We removed the nipa bar and replaced it with a new building -- Spring 1999
a197.jpg (3098 bytes) Second story nears completion -- Spring 99
Roof being installed over upper patio area -- Summer 1999