Richard Lynch (Hollywood Actor) visits "the ville" 1995 Freddie Hunt (VIP #1) with the day shift
Tink & Sheena always liked big things Four of the dayshift waitresses with one of the pipeline workers
Randy Ricks and his daughter Day shift with Ian Venracnon, a Filipino move star.
Laura Angeles HASHers with a special ville t-shirt
Alaska Combat Control Team visits "the ville" in 1995 Another shot of Tink & Laura
Three girls sipping on our Super Jumbo Magrarita - still only about $10 A customer in the early days enjoys a super jumbo margarita with the dayshift
Three regulars with a Super Jumbo Bella & friend with shots of Jose Cuervo
Four girls with a Super Jumbo Margarita The night shift with Walter Na'varo a Filipino movie star
Richard & Tink A busy afternoon (circa 1996)
Steve & Laura test one of our famous Super Jumbo margaritas Dave & Terry having fun
Delmar getting ready for another shot of Jose Cuervo Snag, Tink, Pia, & Sheena - the pool sharks
"Doc" Richard A real fashion statement by a Angeles City sweetie (?)
Lynn & Annabelle Ian, Freddie, and Randy
Richard & Leny Tink & friends
Airwolf Bruce displays his new style beard - - Ya really got to know Bruce to understand Uncle Paul, Dave, Terry, & Steve "wasting away" in the ville
Tink & her friends celebrating again "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas"
Russell and his wife Aida with Delmar