Our Kitchen

We have worked very hard to bring our kitchen up to USA health standards and to keep it there.  
  • We have a walk-in refrigerator & freezer where every item is dated before storing.  
  • We are one of the only kitchens in town with hot water at the dishwashers sink
  • All our countertops are stainless steel
  • We close once a month for pest control, cleaning, and inspection of the kitchen
  • Entire kitchen staff receives training on food handling and sanitation
  • The US military inspectors have repeatedly given our kitchen a top rating and recommended us as a eating facility for visiting troops


a253.gif (3656 bytes) Our first kitchen was very much Filipino style with tile countertops. These were replaced with stainless steel for sanitation in 1996. a1.jpg (3767 bytes) Aida & Jhun prepare lechon for party guests
Jhun prepares turkeys for Christmas dinner 1997 An American style kitchen in Angeles
Mongolian BBQ is every Thursday a209.jpg (3599 bytes) Our Mongolian BBQ buffet line.
Jhun, head chef, serves a delegation from Las Vegas Another shot of Jhun at the Las Vegas luncheon
a273.jpg (4061 bytes) The dishwasher station (1999) a274.jpg (3273 bytes) Charito prepares a yard bird sandwich
a275.jpg (4077 bytes) Our food preparation room is located behind the kitchen a276.jpg (3483 bytes) Another view of the dishwasher area in mid-1999
a277.jpg (3795 bytes) Arlene checking food stocks in the walk-in refrigerator and freezer All raw meats & veggies are prepared in a separate room behind the kitchen.