New Years Eve

a212.jpg (3366 bytes) Judith and Leny always make a good looking pair a183.jpg (2908 bytes) Sheena with one of the many fireworks lit each year
a206.jpg (4320 bytes) Laura models one of the fancier street hats made for New Year's a207.jpg (3317 bytes) Aida loves to sell hats and horns on New Years Eve
a200.jpg (3875 bytes) Daddy Rick and Auntie Aida a201.jpg (3353 bytes) Emily returned in Dec 1998 with her husband and son
a203.jpg (3560 bytes) A quick photo before it gets busy a204.jpg (3508 bytes) A few of the staff 1998
a210.jpg (3591 bytes) Aida loves to sell party favors on New Year's Eve a211.gif (3457 bytes) Happy New Year 1997
a40.jpg (2943 bytes) Myra & Ana Fe a69.gif (3424 bytes) Fred & Balut
Two cuties welcome in the new year 2000 We had a live band for the millennium
Some happy customers Lynn, Michael, JC and friends toast the new millennium 
Lynn & Annibel Fred & Fred with the girls
Aida & Delmar Happy New Year Mercy !