Special Events


Aida on her annual trip to Bangkok Bernadette & Candy go flying with Jimmy Boyd (compliments of Dr. Ron Wolfe).
Aida and the girls feed an elephant in Bangkok (1997) Lorna Graduates from college
a96.gif (3743 bytes) Special Margaritaville HASH t-shirt made for some regular customers (1996) Mort Freedman & Daida tandem into the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark (1996)
Christopher G. Moore, JC's favorite author of Asian Stories, does a book signing in the ville in early 1997 Mort & Daida after the jump
Every year on Christmas morning we used to drive around looking for under-privileged children. The day shift is preparing bags of candy and toys. (1997) a194.jpg (3310 bytes) Several years ago we read about a crippled girl that was abandoned by her mother.  Since then we have provided her with meal and clothing. Santa & Aida visit Carolina - Christmas 1998.
a91.jpg (3149 bytes) Santa and his helpers heading out to distribute toys and candy on Christmas morning 1997. a198.jpg (2758 bytes) Starting in 1998, we stopped making our Christmas morning candy distribution and instead donated the money to a expat that visits the local hospitals passing out candy & toys.
In 1999 we hosted a joint 4th of July party with other clubs from around Balibago
The strong man contest.  Who can hold an empty keg of San Miguel the longest? Fred Santizo wins the award this year
Women's beer drinking contest People watching the events from the balcony
La Bamba girls sold a lot of tequila Roger from Zapata's in front of the ville food booth