The Ville


a66.gif (3978 bytes) Customers sitting at the front window in the afternoon watching the street parade as girls head to work. a146.gif (3703 bytes) A busy afternoon at the ville
a261.gif (3841 bytes) An early shot of the pool table area (1994) a262.gif (3811 bytes) Another view of the pool table area (1994)
a82.jpg (2963 bytes) Pool table area after marble floors were installed in 1997 a143.gif (3249 bytes) We had live bands every night in 1994
a257.gif (3439 bytes) A group of visiting US Army troops a258.gif (3538 bytes) Another shot of an Army SF visit
a115.gif (3199 bytes) The cooks prepare Mongolian BBQ. a209.jpg (3599 bytes) Mongolian BBQ every Thursday night continues to be one of our most popular daily specials
a112.jpg (3860 bytes) A view of our kitchen (1998)    
The upper balcony area is available for a quiet drink or small parties. The patio area is popular on Mongolian BBQ nights and for special events like the HASH.
Kids playing under the downspout in a typical rainy season afternoon downpour The street in front of the ville still floods daily during downpours in the rainy season