We had a lot of fun with this one. When our friend opened up Kokomo's (a similar establish to the ville) all the locals thought we should fight. Once in a while someone lost their sense of humor, but it worked out well for both of us and it gives the tourists another alternative and another reason to spend a few more days in Angeles.

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Combat Ready: AnaFe, Daisy, Ria, & Malou Ria in her combat uniform
Mick O'Brien was called to wear the uniform one more time Dennis, manager from Kokomo's was captured and tortured with a "peach pie shooter"
The day shift prepares for another day at war The night shift was always alert for spies
Daisy, always "armed & dangerous" Sgt. "Balut"
They never looked like this when I was in the war! (Evelyn) Another shot of the day shift
Daisy & Ria were in charge of "Morale" General Fred interrogates Dennis
Myra & Fred on patrol Even during wars there are good days!
Night shift Margarita Maraders Daisy with another round of "ammo"
Jenny could take me prisioner anytime! Jocelyn awaiting details of the night battle plan
Night shift on patrol Lito with the night shift
Neutral monitors (Rick's Cafe) discuss the suspected use of chemical munitions One of the medics ("Fire Dick") after he was assaulted by unknown agents
    Three  lovely "partisans"  monitored  the I & I net