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Pinatubo Volcano Photos


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News about Pinatubo and Lahar are in the Pinatubo News Clippings Page

If you know who the photographer were for any of these shots, please send me their names so I can give them proper credit for their spectacular photography.

"The Big One"  Photo by USAF Pararescueman MSgt Robert La Pointe of the main eruption on June 15th, 1991.
"1st Eruption"  Photo of one of the early eruptions between June 12th and June 15th, 1991. Photographer Captain Erin Jackson.
Photo of one of the early eruptions between June 12th and June 15th at sunset (1991)
 Photo of minor eruption from Clark parade ground (13AF HQ in center rear) (1991)  Photographer 
"Grey Storm" FEN Hill after the June 15th eruptions (June 23,1991). Photographer SFC Steve Culbreth.
AAFES New Car Sales Lot (1991)
Aerial view of 1991 eruptions
"Black Sky, Grey Earth"  Clark Housing area shortly after the eruptions (1991) Photographer David S. Goebel.
"Mt Pinatubo Stroll" Volcanologists on the slopes of Pinatubo just prior to the main eruptions in 1991.  Photographer Val Gempis.
Base Gym shortly after the eruptions (1991)
The new TMO building was one of many casualties (1991)
1993 eruption hits Margarita Ville the just several days before our scheduled Grand Opening
1993 post-eruption clean up at the Ville.


These late 1990's Photos compliments of RJ Pinatubo Trek Tours
Lake in the crater
Great place for a swim . . . . . the water is real warm
Hikers trekking up the river bed toward the crater
Sometimes the trail gets very narrow
Another shot of the volcanic deposits
Main Bridge in Conception, Tarlac (photo by JC). Note, this bridge has now been replaced
Photo from a inflatable kayak on the Pinatubo lake (Nov 1997)  Photo by Robert Lucke


Tour Information
Several local 4-wheel drive clubs and motorcycle clubs can take you up to the lake in Pinatubo, but due to a problem with the NPA around 2002 the US Embassy discourages such trips.