BEWARE - Police Set-ups are back in Angeles
'Planting of prostitutes' reported in Pampanga

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga – If there is "tanim-bala" in Manila airports, there is now "Tanim- P–a" (planting prostitutes) scheme in Angeles City that victimizes foreigners.

This alarming news cropped up during the recent meeting among top officials of Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) and members of the Regional Advisory Council, (CIDG-RAC).

And this new scheme is more severe and cruel than the much hated “tanim-bala” at the airport since the victims, mostly foreign businessmen, would be threatened by some erring policemen in Angeles city with filing of a non-bailable crime of rape, abduction, among others if they ( victims) would not agree to pay huge amount of money to “settle their case.”

Reports received by Senior Supt Benjamin Silo, Jr., showed that a number of foreigners, some of whom Koreans and Americans, have fallen prey to the modus operandi of unscrupulous policemen who are in cahoots with prostitutes.

Under the set up, the prostitutes and their police partners would look for foreigners who are looking for a partner for the night.

The CIDG official told Silo that once the foreigner and the prostitute agreed to go to a hotel “for a fee” the girl would create a drama and suddenly accuse her partner of rape and abduction.

At this juncture, the policemen-cohort of the woman would suddenly arrive on the pretext of investigating the rape or abduction complaint lodged against the unsuspecting “customer.”

Worse, there are also minors being offered to customers, and once the foreigners bite it, they would be immediately arrested for non-bailable offense.

The erring police would then inform and threaten the customers that their cases are serious ones and they may rot in jail if they would not immediately settle the fabricated charges. (Mar T. Supnad)

posted by JC on 2016-05-03

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