Metered Taxi's now fully OPERATIONAL at Clark International Airport

When you arrive at Clark International Airport in Pampanga, Philippines the first thing you see once you have passed immigration and customs is a crowded arrivals area full of taxi drivers trying to usher you into their cars to take you to your hotel in Angeles or to another town/city of your choice.

Thats quite normal at a number of airports across the 3rd world but what is not normal is that they try to double you and a complete stranger into the same car and charge you both full fare for the same singular journey, other drivers will try to negotiate by asking the most annoying question.... "How much will you pay?" something that should be illegal, they should have clear pricing charts for public view and they could be changed annually to keep people updated accordingly.

All of a sudden out of nowhere we have witnessed the arrival of metered taxi's in Clark International Airport, they have unfortunately been positioned badly but they are a left turn when you exit the airport from the arrivals area in between arrivals and departures, the cars are yellow and are labelled METERED TAXI!

Now that does not mean you are guaranteed a METERED TAXI journey as many drivers have been covering the meter with caps, hats and clothing to try and fool customers and try to charge the same fare as a private hire driver which is usually between 400 and 500 pesos to any Angeles City Hotel and 2500 to 3000 pesos to Manila.

The Metered Taxi however provides a simple journey example from CAIA (Clark Airport) to Central Park Tower Hotel positioned next to Penthouse and a short walk from Walking Street for those who are less familiar and the price is 180 pesos (yes 180 pesos, a fair price for a 5 min drive)

Now the question is how long are these metered taxi's going to be about and who is making sure they operate to the metered car standards expected by customers. Our advice is confirm metered journey before entering the car, make sure the meter is reset before commencing your journey, if it becomes awkward get out and take a photo of the registration and let the airport be made aware.

The metered taxi can only work if they are operating by the rules, so lets see what happens in the coming weeks. For the private hire taxi's a decent price list and fair pricing and you will still get 99% of peoples business.

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posted by JC on 2017-04-10

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