Cheapest Rides to/From Clark

Grab Car has been operating in Angeles for almost 1 year. It is similar to Uber except you pay the driver cash vs the credit card required by Uber.

Grab Angeles has trikes, cars and now even some vans. A few months ago they had up to 500 drivers, but that has reportedly been decreased to 250 by the LTFRB.

Reviews from people I have met are 100% positive about Grab Car.

As of 1 March there is a Grab booth at Clark Airport. If not open you can still book a Grab on line, but reports are that you need to meet your driver at the new Wendy’s right across the road from the terminal exit (200-300 feet). Cost from Clark to Field Ave are reported to be P166 to P200. Reports are the Clark wifi has blocked Grab Car, but if you get a cellular SIM at any booth before exiting the terminal, just turn on data and you can use the app. Passengers can also use the promo code BESTOFFPPG, to enjoy Php100 off their Grab-Car rides from Clark International Airport until June 30, 2018.

Grab Car around Angeles for rides of only 1-2 KM cost about 120 Peso. Trike costs are a little less, but significantly less than regular trike fares. Some people recommend trike during heavy traffic periods as they can cut through traffic to make the trip quicker & cheaper than a car. Cars do have to comply with traffic rules where as trikes never follow traffic rules. LOL.

Grab Car sends receipts by email upon request.

You can have a family member or GF picked up at their location and track their trip on the Grab App..


posted by JC on 2018-03-26

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