This is JC's favorite charity and thanks to the word getting out, we are now doing more lunches there through some sponsored meals. 

The next lunch will be on Tuesday the 21st of Feb.  That will be a very special meal. One of the waitresses from the Wild Orchid that went for the first time early in Feb was so impressed she wanted to make pancit herself for the folks. The Orchid offered to pay for the ingredients but she has insisted to do it on her own.  Margarita Station and the Orchid Group will still provide waitresses and some extra snacks and drinks.

Feb 17th Lunch


For the first time we provided them all with a snack for later. It worked out well and will become a permanent part of the meal.


It was also the first time we gave them eggs. The lolas called this an American Meal.




The American guy on the left has been stuck here for 15 months now.  We take him some extra snacks to help him get through the days when he cannot eat the local meals.  Now that he can take care of himself again, with some help from the US embassy we hope to get him out on his own soon.






The staff are all unpaid volunteers so we feed them as well.


Thanks again to these three new Malaysian friends.



You can buy some fruit or ice cream and take it to the residents of  Bahay Pag-Ibig (home for the Aged).  Contact Aida at Margarita Station and our cooks will prepare whatever you buy and we will provide you free transportation to Bahay Pag-Ibig  so you can see the smiles a small gift brings.  This will take about 1.5 hours from departure until return to Margarita Station (Depart 1:30 pm and return about 3 pm).  Must be coordinated 1-3 days in advance.

Or, you can sponsor a meal.  This sometimes takes about 1 week to set up as we have to coordinate with the home, the Orchid Inn group and arrange for extra vehicles. Again, contact Aida at Margarita Station or send an email to  For more information on Bahay Pag-Ibig   [CLICK HERE]

posted by JC on 2012-02-16