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Subic Bay


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This page contains all the information I have on current conditions on Subic Special Economic Zone (formerly Subic Bay Naval Base and Cubi Point NAS), Olongapo, Barrio Baretto, and Subic City.

Subic Bay Naval Base/Cubi Point NAS

Photos of Subic Bay Naval base.

SUBIC INTERNATIONAL HOTEL: Located on Sta. Rita Road on former bachelor officer quarters, this hotel still looks like a military facility. The room were $70 ++ for a single and $85 for a double in December 1994. Tel: (045) 888-2288. Fax: (045) 888-1123.

ZANZIBAR HOTEL: Located on Magsaysay Drive between the gate and the first rotunda. Clean rooms at a reasonable rate.

Barrio Barretto

In early 1996 Mayor Kate Gordon made all the bars in the Barrio stop go-go dancing, but a few bars are still hanging in there with "entertainers." The main remaining expat bars in the Barrio are: The Rock Lobster (in Mangos), Main Attraction, and Midnight Rambler. Another four to six un-airconditioned bars in the Barrio are still serving cold beer and conversation. Drink prices in the bars here tends to be very cheap here when compared with girlie bars in Angeles City and Manila. The VFW is still the best place to eat in the Barrio. Several new hotels have opened with the most expensive being Suzuki at P 1500 for a small room in back and P 2000+ on the water. I used to stay at Playa Papagayo's. The rooms were clean and the TV and aircons work - a good value at P600 - 800 per night. That however, was several years ago and I'm sure prices have gone up.  Another reasonable hotel is Bart's. Here they have a small pool and a reasonable restaurant.

Barrio Baretto Hotels


Barts Resort Hotel


Vincent Hermes

Tel 047-223-4148 ---- Fax 047-223-4149

Small Swimming pool

Dryden Hotel Mrs. Lea E. Dryden

Tel. 222-4547

Playa Papagayo


Tel. (047) 222-3825

New rooms under construction in late 2000

Subic Bay Garden Yolando Vindua

Tel. 222-4550

Subic Mirage Tel (47) 223-9245 ---- Fax (47) 223-9254
Triple Crown Hotel Ms. Pamela C. Salvador

Tel. 222-4580 ---- Fax 223-4333

Halfmoon Hotel

Tel 222-4987 or 4918

Located between Olongapo & the Barrio


Subic City

Four to five bars have moved from "the Barrio" to Subic City where go-go dancing is still allowed. These are mostly low budget bars like those that were in the Subic City area in the early 90's. If you are visiting Subic City for the girly bars (I cannot think of one other reason to visit this "garden spot"), you can have some fun here for a day or two, but there is really a limited selection of establishments and girls. Prices are much lower than elsewhere, but you get what you pay for.

Subic City on-line


Mango's Restaurant & Rock Lobster Bar Tom Barrio Baretto


Tahiti Club   Subic City rwilson@portalinc.com
Sky Travel   Subic City skyrob@portalinc.com 



This town has gone through a major renovation since the base here closed. There are no longer any bars or cocktail lounges that cater to single male expats. They have been replaced by restaurants and shops. The city has put in new brick sidewalks on the main street and constant efforts are being made to make this one of the cleanest big Filipino cities that I have seen. Jeeps must pull off the road to pick up or drop off passengers and littering is a strict "no-no."