Since our second year we have taken our employee of the year on a 7-10 day trip to Bangkok as a reward for their efforts at making us one of the best restaurants/bars in Angeles City.   

Here is a small collection of photos from these trips.


Aida was the first to travel to Thailand in 1995 In 1996 Jhun, our lead cook, was the next to travel to Bangkok.  In addition to sightseeing, Jhun got to take several cooking classes.
In 1997 Candy, one of our best ever waitresses,  was the second employee of the year to visit Thailand Candy at Planet Hollywood in Bangkok
We missed 1998, so 1999 was a dual trip with Mimi and Mariane Filipino fashion at a Thai cultural show!
Mimi takes her shot at crocodile wrestling Mimi & Maraine with a live Bengal tiger
The girls at the railroad leading to the Bridge over the River Kwai Aida takes a ride in a Pattaya shopping mall
We are having fun now !!    
Coming from our 2001 trip with Joyce (midshift waitress) and Girlie (nightshift waitress)