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Hostilities have been brewing for weeks
ANGELES CITY(AP) -- On 29 January, Ayatollah Andrews, head of the propaganda ministry for the government of Kokomo's, officially declared war against Margarita Ville. At press time, neither the Ayatollah or Field Marshal Von Fisher were available for comment, but an unnamed official for the territory of Margaritaville stated "If it is a war that they want, then we'll give them a good one. Our troops are in top Tourist Ready (TR) condition and ready to begin. We are asking the international community to send in additional observers to insure both sides comply with the Balibago conventions of 1989 as ratified in 1997 (Articles of War)." This reporter has already spotted troops in staging areas around the Santos Street area. It is expected attacks across the border will commence on or about 8 to 10 February. Controller and observers have been sent to Rick's Café and they are going through extensive training. The head controller is insuring everyone is in the distinctive controller uniform so as not to get fired upon by the warring factions. Tokyo Rose Dept, now manned by Balibago Beatrice:
has warned that it will be unlawful to publicize weak areas of operations to 3rd party personnel, i.e. whining about service to someone at the VFW, Oasis, Holiday Inn etc.