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Statement by JC,  leader of the Margarita Ville Mauraders:
Our good friends from the VOODOO GROUP have opened a business very similar to MARGARITAVILLE. For some reason, many people think we should be opposed to such direct competition and that we should be at "war." The management of Margaritaville feels that all competition is fair and also good for business. It gives the customers another alternative, and puts the pressure on all businesses to give the customer what they want.

So, we will be waging a "war" of sorts in the next month or two, but this will not be a war with our friends at KOKOMO's. Rather, it will be a war to maintain our customers and possibly to recruit a few new ones. We invite you to join "The Battle of Balibago," as observers. Freely cross the battle lines and visit both our establishments.

And don't be surprised if you see the owners/managers of these two establishments having cocktails in the enemy camp or on neutral territory, we won't be conspiring to fix prices, we will be discussing how to make Angeles a place where tourists will want to stay longer.

If you have any suggestions that will help the Margaritaville Mauraders strengthen our "army" please drop a note in our suggestion box.