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The waitress battle

ANGELES CITY(AP 23 Feb) A major confrontation occurred today at 4 PM when forces from Margaritaville, Rick's Cafe, Kokomo's and Lollipop faced off in the Third Annual Great Waitress Race.  Numerous other teams were scheduled to compete, but apparently backed out when they figured they could not compete with the superb staffs from these four establishments. 

General Louie Tan's forces blocked Fields Ave so that all combatants had a "level playing field."  The Wizard from Rick's Cafe (Neutral UN Headquarters) supervised the event.  He called the start of the race from Margaritaville, and managed to beat the runners to the finish at Rick's Cafe to declare a team from Rick's Cafe the winner.  (Aye, something smells fishy here!!) 

A combatant from Margaritaville (Marnelly) jumped into an early lead and was never caught by anyone.  Unfortunately, she either drank some of her "combat green coolers" or spilled them on the way, so when the judge (Rick) checked the glasses, it was determined that her glasses contained insufficient fluids to win.  Her race partner finished a close fourth behind the two contestants on roller skates from Rick's Cafe.

Here are a few post battle shots.  Action shots when the film is developed.