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WAR! in Balibago

Hostilities break out on the morning of 19 Feb after UN official fails to get a piece

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Hostilities have been brewing for weeks
ANGELES CITY(AP) -- On 29 January, Ayatollah Andrews, head of the propaganda ministry for the government of Kokomo's, officially declared war against Margarita Ville. At press time, neither the Ayatollah or Field Marshal Von Fisher were available for comment, but an unnamed official for the territory of Margaritaville stated "If it is a war that they want, then we'll give them a good one.(Click here for entire Article)

Statement by JC,  leader of the Margarita Ville Marauders:
...we will be waging a "war" of sorts in the next month or two.....(Click here for entire Statement)

Statement by Da Fish,  leader of the Kokomo's Combatants:
"..weapons of mass destruction..." (Click here for entire statement)


Articles of War agreed to by at least one of the parties:

Article 1 Legal Weapons of War

1.1 SHOTS FIRED IN ANGER: The only legal shots are ESQ, Relska, Gilbey's, and J&B. After an individual fires a shot at the enemy........(Click here for entire Articles of War)

Bunker Buster Weapon in Development?
ANGELES CITY (Reuters 24 Feb)  Rumors that the Ville has developed a Bunker Buster Bomb to take out the alleged weapons research center in "Mudbones" was denied by a Colonel of the Ville's staff.  Frightful Fred stated, "I know nothing about any Bunker Buster.  However, if it's similar to Cherry Busting, I'm willing to start field testing immediately."

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News from the Front

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The Ville forces dress in full battle gear after Defcon 4 declared
ANGELES CITY(AP 19 Feb) -- Prepared for war, the day shift at The Ville fully armed themselves and braced for what could be a long battle.  Despite last minute attempts by the senior UN peacemaker (The Wiz) to settle peacefully, the management at the Ville stated "enough is enough!  It's time to fight." 

UN Piece Negotiator Fails
ANGELES CITY(AP 19 Feb)--Sources said the Wiz was extremely disappointed that his peace making efforts were not successful.  "I've spent hours and hours negotiating at several neutral sites on Santos street, but agreements were not attained.  However, I will continue to strive for a solution tonight starting at the establishments across from the basketball court."..MORE UN here

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Battle in the Streets
ANGELES CITY(AP 23 Feb) A major confrontation occurred today at 4 PM when forces from Margaritaville, Rick's Cafe, Kokomo's and Lollipop faced off ... Full text and pictures here..

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