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Balibago WAR Continues

un Officials continue to strive for a piece

un News:

Security Council Meets at the Villeun_conft.jpg (5921 bytes)

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ANGELES CITY(AP) -- On 25 February, the Wiz and one other member of the un Security council (codenamed Bo Diddley) met to discuss the on-going war in Balibago.   Although little progress was made, they agreed that a further meeting between all parties should take place this evening at Cozy Cleo's.  Bo prefers to remain anonymous due to the fact that if his  un position were made public, it could detrimentally affect his evening job as a gigolo.

Troop Buildup alarms un teamun_map1t.jpg (2909 bytes)

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(un) forces from Rick's Cafe discussed the troop buildup east of Santos Street.  It is believed that Kokomo's forces are massing for a major offensive.  Reports of yellow fluids and foul smells emanating from the drainage ditches along Santos Street are fueling the rumor that Kokomo's forces will deploy chemical munitions.

News from the Front

First POW

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ANGELES CITY(AP 22 Feb)   Hostilities are in full force.   Several combatants on both sides were awarded Purple Hearts, but the most significant was the first senior POW.  Kokomo's Commander Dennis was captured by The Ville's Frightful Fred tonight.  He was fired on numerous times before he surrendered.  After a short period of return fire, he was released uninjured, but his departure threats were ominous! Ville forces are reported to be digging in for return fire tomorrow. 

Red Cross Member POW?redcrosst.jpg (1464 bytes)

Doctor Firedick Mellonhead after he was released (almost unharmed) by his kidnappers.  (Click on Photo for story)

Ville General seen wooing Kokomo's Neighbor as possible allyalliet.jpg (3416 bytes)

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