940 Fields Ave, Angeles City, Philippines
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Angeles City experienced a 6.1 earthquake on 22 April. Except for a few broken bottles and glasses, everyone is OK and we are still open for business 24/7. Power was restored late evening on the 22nd and the internet/email is back up.
posted by JC on 2019-04-22
More New Plans for Clark
The Filipinos have been known for planning huge projects.  Here are some new plans. Let's see how many get finished....Read More
posted by JC on 2019-02-08
Traffic Rules Now Being Enforced on Clark
As of this week there is a list of fines for traffic/LTO violations on Clark and they are being enforced!...Read More
posted by JC on 2019-01-18
No Smoking in the Philippines?
President Duterte is expected to sign this month an order declaring a nationwide smoking ban....Read More
posted by JC on 2016-10-11
Clark Green Frontier
There has been a lot of speculation about the "Green Frontier" being constructed on Clark along Perimeter Road....Read More
posted by JC on 2019-02-08
1-year ban on Filipino workers seeking jobs in USA
The United States Department of Homeland Security (USDHS) has imposed a one-year ban on Filipino workers seeking jobs across the US under the federal H-2A and H-2B programs. ...Read More
posted by JC on 2019-01-24
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Several months ago I got a hold of some aerial photos of Fields Ave taken from the ABC helicopter...See More
posted by JC on 2010-12-22
Old photos from our customers....See More
posted by JC on 2010-08-05
Some photos from the past. Some are a few years old and some are very old.  Photos
posted by JC on 2010-06-11
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Margarita Station was the first company to provide an airport pick-up service after the USAF closed Clark AB. We use the most modern vehicle fleet of any of the clones that copied our services.

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